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Through our public engagement efforts, you can gain access to our valuable resources: outstanding students, premier faculty, and cutting-edge research and tools from across Cornell. Whether you are a nonprofit, a community of place or people, or a government entity, there are a multitude of ways to collaborate with us.


Solve or Tackle a Business Challenge

Do you have a business problem that needs solving? Let us take a look at it. Our faculty and students frequently consult businesses on their challenges and help find real solutions. You can submit your challenge for consideration by proposing a project, link above.

Hospitality, Health and Design Symposium (HHDS) [CIHF]

Partner With Us

  • Do research
  • Provide data
  • Access our resources
  • Connect with our centers and institutes
  • Participate in roundtables and industry events
  • Join collaborative initiatives

From providing data for research, to participating in roundtables, to global collaborative initiatives, there are a number of ways that you can align with us.

VinUniversity — The purpose of this collaboration is to support Vingroup’s aspiration to create a new world-class, private university that contributes effectively to the key economic sectors of Vietnam and the global knowledge-based economy. Cornell is involved in every aspect of development from infrastructure and campus reviews, to curriculum development and faculty hiring.

Hanga Ahazaza — We are “creating the future” for 1,275 young Rwandans in the hospitality and tourism industry in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation by providing training and educational resources.


Develop Your Talent

  • Executive Education
  • Professional development
  • Learning opportunities and events

Each year we offer a number of educational opportunities and events. Whether you are interested in taking a traditional class, obtaining a certificate from one of our professional development programs, or attending a professional development event, we can advise you on which offerings are best suited for your interests and career goals.


University Alliances

  • Global academic immersions
  • Study abroad and exchange
  • One-year master’s programs
  • Global organization memberships
  • Program for international undergraduates

If you are a global university or business school interested in collaborating with the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, we can help get you started.

To learn more about ways you can collaborate with the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, contact