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Looking for ways you can make an impact or give back? There are a number of opportunities available for your organization to donate money, time, facilities, and other valuable resources to enrich the lives and academic experiences of others.


Outreach Opportunities

  • Volunteering
  • ​Mentoring
  • Philanthropy
  • Speaking opportunities

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business community is a firm believer in giving back. Outreach is part of our core and an initiative we participate in on local, national, and international levels. From mentoring to larger-scale philanthropy, there are so many ways that you can join us in making a difference.

Johnson Talks at the 2016 Johnson Diversity Symposium (JDS).


  • Support student clubs
  • Connect to the classroom
  • Engage your organization

Is there a club, course, or organization in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business that is strongly related to your organization? By sponsoring an event, course, or organization, you add value to the student experience and have the opportunity to connect with students aligned with your industry or function.


Make a Donation

  • Explore naming opportunities
  • Support college board members
  • Make in-kind donations

Every dollar makes a difference. From individual donations to corporate giving, there are several options and opportunities for you to have a real financial impact.


Fellowships and Scholarships

  • Fund a student
  • Fund a cause
  • Fund a faculty position

By funding a student, faculty position, or cause, you are able to have an immediate life-changing impact on the life of another. Our students and faculty are at the forefront of research and strive to have a positive impact on industry and others.

To learn more about ways you can contribute to the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, contact