Vin University Colleges, Schools and Programs

Management and Technology Education (MET)

  1. School of Management

    1. Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing/Entrepreneurship/Retail/Operations Management
    2. Bachelor of Hospitality Management
    3. Bachelor of Real Estate Management
    4. Master of Hotel Management
  2. School of Technology

    1. Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering
    2. Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering
    3. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    4. Bachelor of Computer Science
    5. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
    6. Master of Science in Systems Engineering (or Industrial Management)
    7. Master of Science in Renewable Energy
    8. Master in Computer Science
  3. School of General Education

Health Sciences Education (HSE/Med)

  1. School of Medicine

    1. Medical Doctor (MD)
    2. Residency Doctor
    3. Master of Medical Science
    4. PhD of Health Sciences (or MD/PhD)
  2. School of Nursing

    1. Bachelor of Nursing
    2. Master of Advanced Nursing
  3. School of Public Health & Health Services

    1. Bachelor of Public Health (Health informatics)
    2. Bachelor of Health Technician
    3. Master of Clinical Psychology
    4. Master of Hospital Management
    5. Master of Public Health