Hospitality Publications Submission Guidelines for Prospective Authors

General Information

The centers and institutes at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration publish a series of four types of online research studies: reports, tools, roundtable highlights, and indices. The publications are valuable for their broad appeal and practical implications for hospitality and service industry executives, managers, operators, and consultants. 

Types of Hospitality Publications


A research-based study that addresses issues associated with the hospitality and service industry. A report is a “put-to-work Monday-morning” type of study in that it provides suggestions that are clear and actionable. A reader should have an idea of what to “do differently” having read a report. 


An instructional study or “how to” document. There are two types of tools: (1) a Microsoft Word document and (2) a Microsoft Word document and a related Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 

Roundtable Proceeding

A concise, specific précis highlighting key points and essential lessons from a roundtable. Like a report, a proceeding should be written with a practitioner audience in mind and focus on actionable suggestions from the discussion. 


A recurring record of data pertinent to the hospitality industry.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Manuscripts must be written in standard American English and prepared according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Sources must be cited using notes with full citations. The writing style should be direct, vigorous, in the active voice, and employ simple declarative sentences. Manuscripts should be prepared with the knowledge that the intended audience is one of practitioners and not academics. All author identification must be removed from the manuscript. 

Authors are strongly encouraged to engage an outside copy editor for assistance prior to submission. Manuscripts that do not meet formatting and content standards will be not be submitted for review. 

All manuscripts must be presented as a Microsoft Word document and formatted as follows:

  • Times New Roman font
  • 12 point
  • One inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • Charts and figures (exhibits) must be editable (not inserted as a picture)
  • Charts and figures must be accompanied by the Excel document