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Research Recap: Uncovering the attributes of sustainable earnings in the lodging industry

Research from Linda Canina at SHA uncovers factors that can have a significant impact on achieving sustainable earnings in the lodging industry.

Peng Liu
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Liu foresees new business models as hospitality infuses retail shopping

Peng Liu, SHA associate professor, looks at how the hospitality industry can better serve retail shoppers by giving them enjoyable experiences.

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Research Recap: Flexibility in reservation times can increase restaurant revenue

Gary Thompson, professor of operations and management, investigates the impact of timing flexibility in restaurant reservations.

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Research Recap: Study predicts restaurant sales based on customers’ return intentions

Alex Susskind and collaborators look at the impact on restaurant sales of customers’ interest in returning versus customer satisfaction.

Kristina Workman in her office

Learning to manage, with feeling

Kristina Workman’s research and teaching focus on the value of compassion and positive interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

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Is bad news fake news?

Cornell Real Estate Market Indices: Crocker Liu and co-authors highlight hotel performance and positive/negative momentum during Q3 2019.

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CHR sustainability roundtable examines excess food, food rescue

Roundtable participants discussed the process of managing excess food, reducing excess food in the service industry, and creating a market for food rescue.

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Report: Leveraging bike-share systems to improve guest experiences and attract tourists

Elena Belavina and Ashish Kabra offer guidance to hotels on choosing a bike-share for guests and how cities can best design and run tourist-friendly systems.

Elena Belavina in front of a whiteboard of calculations

A fresh approach to helping the planet: Elena Belavina takes on food waste

SHA associate professor Elena Belavina is finding strategies to help grocery suppliers, households, and restaurants reduce food waste.