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Break it down: CR0WD task force forges zero waste goals

The Circular Economy: Science and Business of Construction, a collaborative project with Mark Milstein, involves local stakeholders from all stages of a building’s life cycle.

A man holds out a beer glass reading “save water drink beer”
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Bloods, Crips, and beer: The unlikely success story of TRU Colors Brewery

Brewed by active Bloods, Crips, and GDs, TRU Colors beer is helping promote peace and prosperity in a city once ravaged by gang violence.

photo of snow-covered mountains and a glacial lake and a hotel
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Sustainability without borders

The hospitality landscape is changing, and for Explora travelers seeking adventure outside of their hotel rooms, less is more.

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Business Impact Symposium Examines Industry Sustainability

The Business Impact Symposium will feature panels that discuss the disappearing line between business and social and environmental issues.

Solar panels with industrial smoke stacks behind them
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Energy justice: Exploring an equitable energy transition

The 11th annual Cornell Energy Connection showcased professionals sharing perspectives on key industry issues and featured a panel on energy justice.

A mural featuring the head of an Indonesian man with glasses, wearing a traditional black peci cap, white jacket and black tie surrounded by colorful educational symbols from math and science.
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Improving learning outcomes of 50 million students in Indonesia

Johnson’s Social Impact Internship Fund enabled Amanda Srishima to pursue a summer internship with the Ministry of Education and Culture in Indonesia.

Weathered hands planting green shoot
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Profit through purpose: Building long-term shareholder value

Former CEO of Unilever Paul Polman joined students via Zoom to discuss the changing business landscape of a post-COVID-19 world.

Taylor Nguyen sitting at her desk wearing a yellow and blue propeller hat that says intern.
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The Internship: Smart. Driven. Googley.

Two-Year MBA student Taylor Nguyen writes about her summer internship at Google and the intersection of Google and sustainability.

A hand partially painted green holds a small green plant
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Moving the needle: the increasing role of sustainability in business

GreenBiz Group’s Joel Makower spoke to students about the steps firms are taking to integrate sustainability into core business.