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My Fellow Americans, Let’s Be Better Tourists

“The kind of company you want to pick can show you how they’re measuring the impact of their travel,” Megan Epler Wood, the managing director of the Sustainable Tourism Asset Management Program, tells the New York Times.

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Glamping: The Present (and Future) of Alternative Lodging

How do you help more people experience the magic of camping? “Glamping,” or glamorous camping, is taking the alternative lodging industry by storm.

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Staying true to my passion for sustainability and food systems

Alanna Miyajima, MBA ’21, writes about how her experience at Johnson helped her pivot into a career helping to make food systems more sustainable.

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EpiWell: Pushing the boundaries in diabetes management

As part of the BR Microenterprise program, MBA candidates Tyler Ashcraft and Faraan Khan worked with EpiWell, a local diabetes management company.

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Amid competing priorities, business can be a force for good

SC Johnson Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson draws on his storied company’s values to navigate between business pragmatism and doing good.

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Break it down: CR0WD task force forges zero waste goals

The Circular Economy: Science and Business of Construction, a collaborative project with Mark Milstein, involves local stakeholders from all stages of a building’s life cycle.

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Bloods, Crips, and beer: The unlikely success story of TRU Colors Brewery

Brewed by active Bloods, Crips, and GDs, TRU Colors beer is helping promote peace and prosperity in a city once ravaged by gang violence.

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Sustainability without borders

The hospitality landscape is changing, and for Explora travelers seeking adventure outside of their hotel rooms, less is more.

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Business Impact Symposium Examines Industry Sustainability

The Business Impact Symposium will feature panels that discuss the disappearing line between business and social and environmental issues.