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Cornell Hotel Indices: Fourth Quarter 2021 Converging Towards Normalcy

Hotel price momentum normalcy can be expected next quarter, says Professor Crocker H. Liu.

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Building a Sustainable Future: How Hotels are Blending Design and Technology for a Greener Tomorrow

The global hotel construction pipeline has reached a record high, and consumers are asking developers and brands to consider sustainable construction and design initiatives.

Dean Kate Walsh and 4 industry executives on a webinar panel.
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The Cruise Industry Faces Challenges with Optimism

Experts and industry leaders joined Dean Kate Walsh to discuss factors in restarting the cruise industry, in the wake of COVID-19.

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Research Reveals Cybersecurity Confidence Gap in Retail, Restaurant and Hospitality Sectors

New data released by the Center for Hospitality Research and FreedomPay reveals that while nearly all surveyed retail, restaurant, and hospitality stakeholders are confident in their companies’ internal risk assessment processes, their satisfaction in the security of their systems is misaligned with reality.

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Cornell Hotel Indices: Third Quarter 2021 Pole Vaulting to a New High

The hospitality industry is bouncing back. Hotels are seeing a rebound and some hotels are rising above the pre-pandemic average.

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Case Study Explores Real Estate Investment in Shanghai

Professor Peng Liu and Terence Loh ’97, MBA ’06 challenge students to solve a real-world business problem in their case study, “Real Estate: Private Equity Investment in Shanghai.”

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Key Human Resources Practices Benefit Franchisees, Performance

The Center for Hospitality Research and the Cornell Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations publishes the new brief, “Understanding Human Resource Practices and Outcomes in Franchise Businesses.”

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Service workers are getting paid more than ever. It’s not enough.

Professor Bruce Tracey talks with Vox about wages for services workers.

For the discussion, Lilly Jan, Ph.D. was joined by Devita Davison, executive director of FoodLab, Michigan; Jonathan Geffrard, director of bars, restaurants, and events at Thompson Dallas; and Irene Li ’15, chef and owner of Mei Mei, Boston.
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Post-2020 Food and Beverage: Rebuilding an Embattled Industry

Experts joined Lilly Jan, Ph.D. to discuss problems and possible improvements in the food and beverage industry following the COVID-19 pandemic.