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Hospitality panel discusses sexual harassment, brand evolution

The School of Hotel Administration presented its first Cornell Hospitality Thought Leadership Event focused on sexual harassment and brand evolution.

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Cornell Hospitality Summit series: Hospitality technology disruption

At the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit, a panel of industry experts discussed what hoteliers can expect in the future.

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Robots: Hotel customers like them (mostly)!

Rohit Verma’s co-authored exploratory study of robot use among hotels in China found that hotel guests surveyed were satisfied with the robots’ service.

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Hotels move ahead on sustainability

Eric Ricaurte ’01 discusses an international effort to collect sustainability data from hotels around the globe and delivers a progress report.

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Hospitality in the age of disruption

The age of disruption is here and is only going to grow from here on out. Key insights from the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit in Hospitality Net.

Photo of Arthur Adler ’78 at the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit
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Cornell Chronicle: Hotels thrive even in the age of Airbnb

Innovation, shifting demographics, and globalization will spur a “golden age” of travel, according to Arthur Adler ’78, keynote speaker at the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit.

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Study highlights growth of strategic hotel profit management

Cathy Enz’s co-authored study shows hospitality firms continue to expand their revenue management practices with a strategic profit-management approach.

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Online travel sites are still important for hotel operators

Anderson’s co-authored study underscores consumers’ reliance on hotel websites and non-direct channels when researching and booking rooms.

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Focus on fundamentals remains key for hotels

Rohit Verma’s co-authored study shows the core of the hotel business still focuses on creating a memorable stay by providing exceptional service.