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Student takeaways from the 2019 HR in Hospitality Conference in Las Vegas

Taylor Hardy ’19 recaps her experience at the 13th annual HR in Hospitality Conference, hosted by CIHLER.

Gretta Brooks
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CIHLER welcomes Gretta Brooks to industry advisory board

The Cornell Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations welcomes hospitality sales training expert Gretta Brooks, founder and CEO of SalesBoost.

Cornell Chronicle
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New center improves employment relations in hospitality

CIHLER, formerly an institute, has become a center—now equally shared with the ILR School. It provides a collaborative space for dialogue on labor relations in the hospitality industry.

Photo of a woman holding a sign that says #METOO
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Research Recap: Legal analysis proposes new standards in the age of “Me Too”

David Sherwyn and Paul Wagner discuss what constitutes sexual harassment, identify the problems, and propose a solution that could eradicate, or at least mitigate, the reason for the Me Too movement.

Photo of David Sherwyn and Chris Anderson
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Hospitality panel discusses sexual harassment, brand evolution

The School of Hotel Administration presented its first Cornell Hospitality Thought Leadership Event focused on sexual harassment and brand evolution.

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Roundtable discusses Trump, automation, and Airbnb

Cornell undergraduate students had the opportunity to interact with leading industry experts in a roundtable hosted by the Cornell Institute for Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations.

Photo of Hotel and ILR students at a real arbitration in New York City
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Hotelies and ILR students see arbitration come to life in NYC

With support from CIHLER, students from the Hotel School and ILR traveled to NYC to observe an actual arbitration hearing.

Photo of David Sherwyn, director of the Cornell Institute for Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations
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Roundtable Recap: How Trump administration will affect labor laws and regulations for hospitality

Professor David Sherwyn explores how the Trump administration might affect labor laws and regulations, especially in the hospitality industry.