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Restaurants face closings as business slows and rents go unpaid

Professor Alex Susskind predicts that 30% of restaurants may go out of business as their incomes have been decimated by COVID-19 shutdowns.

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Inside seating? A Harlem bar owner navigates COVID-19’s changing rules

Professor Alex Susskind discusses the new reality restaurants will have to navigate in a changed world and food industry.

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New restaurants are mad crazy to be opening right now — or are they?

Lecturer Lilly Jan says it might not be ideal to open up a new restaurant right now, but wouldn’t call it crazy.

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Restaurants hit by COVID-19 say delete delivery apps

Professor Douglas Miller weighs in with expertise as tension grows between restaurant owners and delivery apps.

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Speaking of beer: A few rounds with Doug Miller

SHA lecturer Doug Miller shares some beer trends and trivia and talks about his course, Introduction to Fermented Grains, Hard Ciders, and Sake.

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SHA launches hospitality industry resource hub

The COVID-19 resource hub compiles expert information, tools, and guidance from the school’s faculty and its partners in the hospitality industry.

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Takeout, delivery may save restaurant industry amid coronavirus restrictions

Professor Alex Susskind, director of the Food and Beverage Institute, says its not just restaurants that need to adapt to COVID-19 closing measures, but all levels of the supply chain.

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Is it safe to eat in restaurants amid the coronavirus? Experts say proceed with caution

Professor Alex Susskind, director of the Food and Beverage Institute, notes that contamination is more complex in restaurants vs. a highly-organized supply chain.

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Tracking food’s farm-to-table journey

Alumni joined Cornell Business of Food faculty to weigh in on food supply chains, sustainability, transparency, and plant-based proteins.