Smith Family Business Initiative

Photo of Parth in front of Sage Hall
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Parth Vedawala, MBA ’19: Learning through observation, leading by example

With his family’s business, Parth developed a passion for interacting with multiple aspects of business management. Now he’s turning passion to practice.

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Navigating through my MBA at 20 years old

Entering Johnson at the age of 20, I was apprehensive of being labeled the ‘baby of the class.’ But I was amazed at how my classmates treated me with the same respect and love as they did any another student.

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Family businesses thrive through the spirit of entrepreneurship

Family business panelists discuss their roles in opening new markets to complement established businesses at Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration 2018.

Photo of Nathan at his computer working
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After 105 years, it’s time to scale the family restaurant

Talking with administrators during the application process further highlighted the managerial focus of the program. I was not coming here to learn operations, I was coming here to learn how to be a leader in the industry.

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Digging into the family business landscape with Daniel G. Van Der Vliet

Cornell’s Dann Van Der Vliet shares his thoughts on family business as guest on Successful Generations podcast.

“Looking Back, Moving Forward” panel speakers. From left to right: David Tingue, MBA ’92, Dwight Vicks ’84, MBA ’91, and Peter Bernstein ’03.
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Forum focuses on longtime family businesses

The men behind three family firms that have survived and thrived for 100 years or more shared their insights at the 2017 Families in Business Conference.

Photo of some members of the MMH Class of 2018 cohort with Richelle King
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Why MMH? To strengthen our family business in the hospitality industry

A lot of people questioned why I chose to go to school to learn hospitality when I could learn it in my own backyard. But I chose the MMH program, and here’s why.

Award-winning family business documentary opens Families in Business Conference
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Award-winning family business documentary opens Families in Business Conference

Taking Stock is a personal drama that explores a father-son relationship while capturing the overlay of a family business in South Africa.

Daniel G. Van Der Vliet is the John and Dyan Smith Executive Director of Family Business at Johnson
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Smith Family Business Initiative creates connections across Cornell’s ecosystem

Catching up with Daniel G. Van Der Vliet, the John and Dyan Smith Executive Director of Family Business, for updates on the Smith Family Business Initiative.