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portrait of Tina Jabeen wearing a sari.
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An Interview: Tina Jabeen and the Fast-Evolving Bangladesh Entrepreneurship Scene

Tina Jabeen champions Bangladesh’s startup growth, stressing infrastructure, female entrepreneurs, and regional collaboration for lasting impact.

a colorful mural.
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Exploring Colombia: An MBA Student’s Perspective

Ganesh Venkatakrishan MBA ’23 visited Colombia and Universidad de los Andes on the Emerging Markets Institute’s 2023 spring break trek to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s economy, business landscape, and culture.

illustration of two mobile phones connected by arrows with a dollar bill between them.

Unified Payments Interface: India’s Digital Highway to Speedy Financial Inclusion

Sharwari Pandit, MBA ’23, explores the policy decisions that drove the rapid growth and adoption of digital payment solutions across millions of Indian businesses and households.

photo of a European city plaza wtih a monument in the middle and surrounded by 3-5-story buildings with retail stories on their ground floors.
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Nationalism and Independence: Could the Basque Survive Economically Without Madrid?

The Basque Country of northern Spain has a long history of separatist sentiment. But could it survive independence from Spain economically?

4 stacks of coins and a jar filled with coins with plant shoots growing out of the top of each.
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China, Economic Growth, and ESG

China is an outlier in economic growth and we see a shift in its approach from growth at all costs to quality growth plus increased ESG reporting.

abstract illustration showing gears and networked globes and circles of light.
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Nigeria’s eNaira CBDC: What Went Wrong?

Pratham Rawat ’23 discusses reasons for the low usage rates of Nigeria’s  eNaira a year after the release of the country’s CBDC initiative.

photo of a temple with many people in the foreground and blue skies in the background.
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Insights from My Korea-Japan Trek: Innovation, Leadership, and Work Culture

Gino Arevalo Vergara shares insights from his trek to Korea and Japan, including international differences in business environments and work culture.

an aerial view of single car on a sandy dirt road.
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Restricting Trade for the Environment? Import Restrictions on Used Vehicles in China

Dyson’s Hui Zhou, PhD ’23, discusses her research on the impact of emission-based import restrictions on used vehicles in China.

links of a large metal chain with the rising or setting sun shining through one of the links.
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Reinventing global value chains in uncertain times

Emerging markets benefit from greater engagement in global value chains but fear a loss of momentum in today’s complex and uncertain world.