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Shanghai skyline
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Sustainable energy and the State Grid Corporation of China

The State Grid Corporation (SGCC) of China has become a major, global player in sustainable energy over the last 10 years.

Large group of students attending Masters Argentina
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2019 Masters Argentina: 200 Argentine students, 30 speakers, and a challenge

MPA student and EMI fellow Claudia Poclaba recaps her experience in a leadership role at the annual Masters Argentina Conference for Argentine students.

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Businesswomen in Latin America: Self-affirmation, work, and reinvention

Heloisa Menezes, visiting scholar at the Emerging Markets Institute, recounts working as a businesswoman in Brazil and the sabbatical that’s enabled her to study at Cornell.

Busy intersection in Japan
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Trek recap: Experiencing Japanese business and culture in 10 days

Munazza Khan, Johnson Cornell Tech MBA ’19, reflects on her experience and key takeaways from the winter Johnson trek to Japan.

Vince Wong
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Cornell Tech grad discusses importance of understanding global business

Through his career and his involvement with EMI, Vince Wong, MBA ’17, has learned to consider a variety of international factors as a product manager.

Lourdes and Sergio seated together
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Cornell law student and EMI’s Casanova discuss Operation Car Wash

Operation Car Wash, Brazil’s ongoing investigation of systemic corruption, exposed money-laundering schemes at Petrobras and other state-owned organizations.

Sunset in the mountain valley.
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Is sustainability a major concern for U.S. companies, or is China moving to the fore?

As China and other emerging countries increase efforts in corporate sustainability initiatives, the U.S. may be falling behind, says EMI contributor.

Startup Nation City View
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Chinese companies recognize value in Israeli startups

After the iTrek trip to Israel, Siqi Shi, Johnson Cornell Tech MBA ’19, summarizes his insights on the emerging market between China and Israeli startups.

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China tweaks tech supremacy plan

Lourdes Casanova, Johnson professor and director of the Emerging Markets Institute, comments on China’s potentially ambitious plan to achieve high-tech dominance.