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four women pose for a photo with tree-covered hilltips and sky on the background.
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Wonders of the Johnson Colombia Trek

Ivy Ochieng, MBA ’22, writes about the Emerging Markets Institute’s spring trek to Colombia, led by Lourdes Casanova, Gail and Rob Cañizares Director.

City buildings on either side of a main street in Dubai.
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Expo 2020 Dubai: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

EMI research assistant John Ninia ’22 discusses his experience at the World Expo in Dubai.

Image of a round, metal Bitcoin draped in the flag of El Salvador.
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Cryptocurrency in Latin America: Adoption, Regulation, and Financial Inclusion

Raghav Nath, MBA ’22, examines cryptocurrency and its adoption, promise, and regulation in the Latin American countries.

A large crowd of people, some waving Sri Lanka’s flag, facing government buildings and listening to speakers standing in front of those buildings.
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Sri Lanka’s Financial Crisis: Origins, Impact, and Next Steps

Raghav Nath, MBA ’22, examines Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, its root causes, and how it can improve its economic prospects and regain stability.

illustration of 3 profiles in the Ukraine flag's colors, blue and yellow, facing 3 profiles in the Russian flag's colors, white, blue, and red.
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Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Russian Economy

Tony Tsao, MBA ’22 discusses the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Russian and global economy.

overhead photo of a multi-layered highway cloverleaf.
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India’s Commitment to Infrastructure Development: The Next Great Growth Driver

Cornell Emerging Markets Institute Fellow Valmik Karam writes about India’s commitment of $1.4tn in infrastructure development over the next 25 years.

students standing up in a full lecture hall.
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Tata Sons CFO Saurabh Agrawal on the Tata Group and the Growth of India

EMI Fellows Chris Kang, Matthew Jahnle, Mehmet Karakilinc, and Valmik Karam discuss Tata Sons CFO Saurabh Agrawal’s Leaders in Emerging Markets talk.

a group photo of about 40 young adults with some chairs in the foreground.
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EMI Fellows Colombia Trek 2022: Good Food, Great People, and Unique Experiences

EMI Fellow Jeanette Xu, MBA ’22, reflects on her experience on the 2022 EMI Fellow Colombia Trek and working with students at Universidad de los Andes.

puzzle pieces depicting the Ukrainian and Russian flags sitting on a map of Europe
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War in Ukraine and Its Impact on the Chinese Economy

Alicia García Herrero discusses the impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Chinese economy, from rising energy prices to complying with sanctions.