headshot of Jacqueline Rifkin
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Meet Our New Faculty: Jacqueline Rifkin

Meet Jacqueline Rifkin, one of the newest faculty members from across the SC Johnson College of Business, and learn about her area of expertise, research focus, courses she will be teaching, and other interests.

headshot of Brian White
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Meet Our New Faculty: Brian White

Meet Brian White, one of Johnson’s newest faculty members, and learn about his area of expertise, courses he will be teaching, and his interests.

Valerie and High Tech Club pose in front of HTC election results
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Park Perspectives: Sowing seeds for courage

Valerie Hanke, MBA ’23, reflects on learning how to develop courage as a daily habit.”

Park Fellows posing in front of mountains in Peru
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Park Perspectives: It’s okay not to be okay

Rachel Starr, MBA ’22, reflects on how embracing her struggles have made her an approachable leader.

Mariana Flores Aguilar sitting at her desk wearing a gray Microsoft sweatshirt.
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From Nature to Technology, Making an Impact

Mariana Flores Aguilar, MBA ’22, writes about her experience as an intern on the Technology for Social Impact team at Microsoft.

A picture of Benjamin Goulet standing next to the EY logo
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Sustainability in Management Consulting Internship with EY-Parthenon

Benjamin Goulet, MBA ’22, describes his experience as a consulting intern for EY-Parthenon, including access to leaders of sustainability initiatives.

orange and green electric garbage truck with electric cord graphic on the side
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Preparing for the Greener Future of Electric Garbage Trucks

Yimi Zhao, MBA ’22, made the business case for electric garbage trucks in an internship enabled by Johnson’s Social Impact Internship Fund.

image of compass
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Celebrating Women Leaders: Meet Dimakatso Hayes MBA ‘22

Hayes discusses her views on leadership, advice she has received on leading, and what she believes leadership will look like in the future.

Cainto in front of Sage Hall
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Celebrating Women Leaders: Meet Stefanie Cainto, MBA ’23

Stefanie Cainto MBA ’23 discusses what good leadership looks like, her goals for growth as a leader, and the best advice she’s received.