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World Government Summit shapes economic future and explores hidden innovation potential

Professor Soumitra Dutta spoke on the role of innovation in building a sustainable and inclusive future.

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15 large-cap stocks leading Wall Street’s biggest rally ever

Professor Andrew Karolyi, Deputy Dean and Dean of Academic Affairs, discusses spurring the economy in the wake of Covid-19

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Starbucks closing stores and shifting operations amid COVID-19

Professor Alex Susskind Starbucks says Starbucks’ mobile order and pick up options will help people get back into having their daily Starbucks.

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New restaurants are mad crazy to be opening right now — or are they?

Lecturer Lilly Jan says it might not be ideal to open up a new restaurant right now, but wouldn’t call it crazy.

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As cruise industry prepares to sail, choppy waters are ahead

Associate Professor Robert Kwortnik believes the cruise industry will be making some long-term changes to get back on its feet post-COVID.

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Coronavirus: is this the end of the line for cruise ships?

Not having to follow U.S. or E.U. regulations, Associate Professor Robert Kwortnik says cruise lines that register in tax havens keep costs down.

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These Chinese stocks will be hurt the most if the U.S. forces them to delist

Professor Andrew Karolyi weighs in on a federal bill that could force Chinese companies to delist their shares from U.S. exchanges.

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What’s it like to go on vacation during a pandemic? I went to a newly reopened resort to find out.

Professor Linda Canina, academic director of the Center for Hospitality Research, says a challenge for hospitality is balancing cleanliness and atmosphere.

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Don’t kid yourself: Online lectures are here to stay

In a New York Times Op-Ed, Professor Robert Frank says the economic forces are too powerful for virtual instruction to go away after the pandemic.