Operations Technology and Information Management


Startup Snapshot: Intentionally Inventive

Scott Yewell’s startup, Purpose Built Software, builds time-saving and efficient custom applications for companies.


Startup Snapshot: Streaming is Believing

Elaine Lu, MBA ’11, is co-founder and COO of Visbit, a streaming technology company that delivers VR videos in the best quality anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Profile in Leadership: Roy Ashok, MBA ’09, CEO of Daqri

Roy Ashok, MBA ’09, is harnessing AR technology for smart factories and streamlining focus with inspired, authentic leadership.


Startup Snapshot: Natural Selection

Jay Bhatty, MBA ’08: CEO and founder, NatGasHub.com


The Transformative Power of Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies aside, blockchain technology is set to transform a host of industries beyond finance.


CIOs Move to Center Stage

Today, IT is essential to the success of practically every organization — and so is the CIO.


Ode to an Algorithm

Johnson’s homegrown Cornell Management Simulation has enthralled students for 25 years.


Startup Snapshot: Solving New Challenges

Marlon Nichols, MBA ’11, managing partner, Cross Culture Ventures

SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

The Digital Transformation Leaves No Industry Untouched

Business leaders discuss how their organizations are embracing digital change with the help of analytics and innovation at the inaugural Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Digital Transformation Summit.