Organizational Behavior

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Maximize Achievement and Persistence by Aligning Rewards to Recognize Milestones

Individuals are more likely to persist if they receive their first reward after completing a chunk of a task followed by a stream of small incentives.

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COVID-19’s impact on work, workers, and the workplace of the future

A paper co-authored by Dyson’s Kevin Kniffin offers projections about the workplace of the future and roadmaps for future research and action.

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The character of conscience

You can help yourself to act virtuously in your personal and professional life by acknowledging that you are vulnerable to mistakes in moral judgement.

portrait of Professor Christopher Marquis next to an illustration of a panda trying to stop the flow of black smoke billowing out of a factory chimney

How Chinese citizens’ activism curbs pollution

Research by Professor Christopher Marquis finds that, in China, civil protests are more effective than petitions in bringing about environmental reform.


Think alike? Swipe right.

Innovation flourishes when corporations with similar cultures merge.


Getting To Green

Glen Dowell, associate professor of management and organizations at Johnson, focuses his research on corporate sustainability.


What Happens Now?

A new book co-authored by John Hillen, MBA ’04, examines common leadership stalls and how to overcome them.

Sports & Leadership

Sports & Leadership

Lessons learned in sports have helped Johnson graduates succeed in the business world. Here’s how.

Purposeful challenges us all to be movement starters

Purposeful challenges us all to be movement starters

Purposeful, a new book by Jennifer Dulski ’93, MBA ’99, shows how successful changemakers gain momentum.