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Present Value: Sommelier Cheryl Stanley gives lessons in wine

Stanley, lecturer in the School of Hotel Administration, speaks with the Present Value podcast on the basics of wine, restaurant proceses, and wine production.


Listen Up: Podcasts go mainstream

Podcast producers are finding listeners who crave a longer-form media experience and the informal conversation format that podcasts offer.

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Present Value: ILR’s Ifeoma Ajunwa on the ethical challenges of technology in the workplace

Present Value podcast talks with ILR’s Ifeoma Ajunwa about her research on the use of technologies for hiring and monitoring employees.

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Present Value: Corporate titan Irene Rosenfeld reflects on more than 30 years in the food industry

Present Value talks with Irene Rosenfeld ’75, MS ’77, PhD ’80 about her major strategic decisions as chairman and CEO of Kraft and Mondelez.

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Present Value: Hernan Saenz reflects on his 20-plus years in consulting and looks ahead

The Present Value podcast interviews Hernan Saenz, MILR ’98, MBA ’98, as he reflects on his past in consulting and what’s to come in the future.

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Present Value: Saule Omarova discusses financial sector oversight and fintech

Present Value podcast talks with Cornell Law School’s Saule Omarova about financial oversight, Dodd-Frank, and implications of an emerging fintech sector.

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Present Value: Nelson and Libby on financial accounting fraud, past and future

Present Value interviews Mark Nelson and Robert Libby, both of whom are longtime Johnson professors and experts in financial accounting.

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Present Value: David Easley on financial contagion and the effect of contradictory beliefs on market optimality

Economics professor David Easley shares new research on financial market outcomes and bitcoin transaction fees.

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Present Value: Steven Strogatz on the importance of calculus and the power of mathematical lies

Math Prof Steven Strogatz’s take on who invented calculus, why did they invent it, what were their struggles, and why does it matter?