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Hispanic MBA Summit 2017 with members of HABLA and the board of the Hispanic Business Association at Columbia Business School
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From hometown to MBA, where communities meet

I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood and most of my best friends are black—this was a moment when my communities met.

Applying to Johnson's Two-Year MBA program
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5 things to review before applying to Johnson’s Two-Year MBA program

Could Johnson’s Two-Year MBA program be a good fit for you? This Ithaca-based program offers incredible flexibility and a one-of-a-kind community.

The Class of 2019 Park Leadership Fellows listen to instructions at the Hoffman Challenge Course.
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Park Perspectives: Buying in to challenge by choice

I will give it to the instructors and my Park family, it felt so good to accomplish something I thought I could never do!

Noteworthy: Shreya Bajaj, MBA ’18, talks to P&Q on pursuing a U.S. MBA as an Indian student
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Noteworthy: Shreya Bajaj, MBA ’18, talks with P&Q on pursuing a U.S. MBA as an Indian student

Scholarships and programs specifically targeted to international students, such as an annual Diwali celebration, help ease the transition to American life.

Coaching peers: How to not be an expert
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Park Perspectives: Coaching peers — How to not be an expert

There are moments when the tools that we’re developing as graduate students–leadership of organizations and people–come to the fore and are put to the test.

Female faculty, staff, and students at Johnson gathered for the annual Women’s Welcome Reception in September 2017
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Park Perspectives: Johnson prepares women to “lean in”

Four years ago “Lean In” opened my eyes to the struggles women face in the workplace. Johnson strengthens our personal motivations as women to push further.

Marcelo de la Garza Gossler: Top 5 outdoor activities in Ithaca
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Top 5 outdoor activities for an MBA in Ithaca, New York

When I was applying to business schools, I was looking for a place that was family-friendly, inspired me to study, and had plenty of outdoor activities.

Greg Allis, MBA ’18
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Park Perspectives: Second-year goals

“Saying no” is a commonly-referenced difficulty for us Type-A business school students. The solution? Set some goals for your second year.

The Consortium: You can choose your family
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The Consortium: You can choose your family

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is the largest MBA diversity network in the United States. I began the Two-Year program this year as a Consortium member.