SMART Program

SMART team and children in a Colombian office
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SMART students learn from the unexpected to make a global impact

Part of Dyson’s Emerging Markets Program, SMART takes students out of the classroom to make an impact in developing and emerging economies.

View of a mountain valley from above
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2019 SMART program reflections: ASOPROCOAS, Colombia

Students in Dyson’s Emerging Markets SMART program traveled to Colombia to help a farmers’ cooperative expand and develop its cacao market.

SMART team in front of Cappeny Estates
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2019 SMART program reflections: Cappeny Estates, South Africa

The 2019 Cappeny Estates SMART team was challenged with creating marketing strategies for a minority-owned strawberry farm in South Africa.

SMART team members in Cape Town, South Africa
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2019 SMART program reflections: O’live Handmade Soaps, South Africa

The 2019 O’live SMART team traveled to Cape Town, South Africa. They were challenged to develop a marketing for the family-owned skincare business.

SMART team in front of FCC
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2019 SMART program reflections: FCC, Colombia

The 2019 FCC SMART team traveled to Colombia. They were challenged to analyze the business model of a fertilizer plant and an agroecological school.

SMART group stands in front of the Azuri building
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2019 SMART program reflections: Azuri Health, Kenya

The 2019 Azuri Health SMART team traveled to Kenya. They were challenged to work with the company to find market opportunities for growth.

Students look at plants with their guide
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2019 SMART program reflections: Cau Chocolates, Indonesia

Students reflect on their SMART program trip Indonesia where they were tasked with helping a family-owned company expand its chocolate-production business.

Photo of Lele with her son, Abhijeet, MBA ’89, and Ralph Christy, professor and director of Cornell’s International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development.
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Uma Lele, “a leader in the world of economic development,” receives Dyson’s Wharton Award

To the many significant honors and awards she has accrued in her career, Uma Lele recently added one from the Dyson School, the Clifton R. Wharton Jr. Emerging Markets Award.

Photo of students sitting around a large table with papers
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SMART Program reflections: Seven Sisters Vineyards in South Africa

It was an incredible experience as we had the opportunity to learn more about the environment in which small enterprises operate in South Africa and learned more about the South African society and culture.