SMART Program

Photo of Lele with her son, Abhijeet, MBA ’89, and Ralph Christy, professor and director of Cornell’s International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development.
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Uma Lele, “a leader in the world of economic development,” receives Dyson’s Wharton Award

To the many significant honors and awards she has accrued in her career, Uma Lele recently added one from the Dyson School, the Clifton R. Wharton Jr. Emerging Markets Award.

Photo of students sitting around a large table with papers
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SMART Program reflections: Seven Sisters Vineyards in South Africa

It was an incredible experience as we had the opportunity to learn more about the environment in which small enterprises operate in South Africa and learned more about the South African society and culture.

Photo of the SMART team with Solution Oasis team
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SMART Program reflections: Solution Oasis in Ghana

Francesca Opoku, the owner of Solution Oasis, is the embodiment of this and a living example of what is possible when women are empowered, supported, and connected.

Photo of Basil Williams addressing the group of students in the field
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SMART Program reflections: Herbal View in South Africa

The SMART program was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had at Cornell thus far. It was extremely rewarding to be able to use direct concepts from our Dyson classes and apply it to a real-world small business, especially in a developing economy.

Photo of Valerie Bowden with a laptop
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SMART Program reflections: Dirkosh Crunch in Ethiopia

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in Cornell’s Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Team (SMART) as a consultant for Dirkosh Crunch, a small agri-business, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Photo of the SMART Uganda team with owners of Mukumu
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SMART Program reflections: Mukumu Fresh Produce in Uganda

By the last night of the trip, there was a general sentiment of deep-seated appreciation for the opportunity to be exposed to the realities of agribusiness development in Uganda.

Image of Cornell students from the spinach and lavender SMART teams, both led by Ed Mabaya, meet with Spinach King Lufefe Nomjana (right) outside his Cape Town café. (Credit: Global Cornell)
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Noteworthy: Student teams advise entrepreneurs in Africa

The Dyson School’s Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Team program brings student expertise to entrepreneurs in developing economies.