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Photo of the group of MMH students taken from above
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4 things I learned from the MMH Leadership Development Program

LDP provides MMH students an opportunity to develop leadership skills and connect with highly-respected alumni in the hospitality industry.

Photo of MMH graduates sitting at Commencement
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MMH reflections from the Class of 2018

As we say farewell to our 2018 MMH graduates, here’s a look at some of their favorite moments and accomplishments from the year-long program.

Photo of MMH group in front of pyramids
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MMH Mexico trek: Company visits, excursions, alumni connections offer hospitality all around

Although I’m well aware of how powerful the Hotelie network is, this trip really reaffirmed it for me. We were 2,631 miles away from Ithaca, but still somehow felt like everywhere we went, Cornell and SHA was with us.

Photo of students studying with laptops
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MMH students give 5 tips for finals week

Before you can enjoy a much-needed vacation, you have one more hurdle to jump. Finals week. After interviewing a couple current Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) students, here are some tips I gathered.

Photo of Nathan at his computer working
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After 105 years, it’s time to scale the family restaurant

Talking with administrators during the application process further highlighted the managerial focus of the program. I was not coming here to learn operations, I was coming here to learn how to be a leader in the industry.

A photo of a student sitting in the captains chair with binoculars
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Hotelies set course for the cruise industry with immersive Royal Caribbean experience

Students recently traded their winter jackets for sunglasses to get a closer look into the cruise industry with Robert Kwortnik’s Introduction to the Global Leisure Cruise Industry course.

Photo of the Hilton Innovation Gallery where Alison visited during her externship
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Learning in the field: My winter externship with Hilton

This winter break, externships took students all over the world. My externship was at Hilton Worldwide’s corporate headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

Photo of MMH students at the 2017 Hotel Show in NYC
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MMH students see rise of technology at Hotel Show

Graduate students packed up and headed to New York City for a convention known around the halls as the “Hotel Show,” which featured notably more technology-related vendors this year.