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Community summer projects connect Dyson students with local businesses and nonprofits

Dyson students connect with local businesses and nonprofits for Community Summer Projects

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Reflecting on international service projects with Dyson’s SMART program

In January 2020, total of 44 students and leaders from across Cornell completed service projects with international organizations in Africa and Asia.

Photo of Eli Shanks ’18 in his renovated home. Image credit: Cameron Pollack, Cornell Daily Sun
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Noteworthy: Eli Shanks ’18 converts school bus into solar-powered home

In a recent article, Cornell Daily Sun talked to Shanks about his unusual home and the work it took to turn the bus into an inhabitable living space.

Photo of Andrea Poag and students
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Start building your academic success network with Student Services

It is my hope that our new Student Services team at Dyson will become an integral part of our students’ academic success network.

Portrait of Cindy van Es, professor of practice at Dyson
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Quick Q & A: Cindy van Es

Statistics expert, social justice advocate, and Jazzercise pro—learn a little more about Cindy van Es, professor of practice at the Dyson School.

Dyson Dean Lynn Wooten takes a photo with students
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Connecting with your professors beyond the classroom

Throughout my training to become a professor, and during the course of my life, I have been inspired by those who dedicate their lives to teaching others.

A large group of students around tables in the gym
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The ultimate guide to getting more involved on campus

If you are a new Dyson freshman, sophomore transfer, or anyone in between wondering where you’ll fit in, don’t fret! I found my path here and so will you.

Me speaking to high school students during my book tour stop in South Africa last year.
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The power of doing things differently and standing out at the Dyson School

Having really taken my own path at Cornell and beyond, here is my advice for Dyson students who seek to do things differently and stand out in the crowd.

What is the Dyson School like for transfers?
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What is the Dyson School like for transfers?

In hindsight, there was not merely one instance, but numerous, seemingly trivial moments that collectively shaped my opinion of and love for the school.