Photo of a girl pouring coffee to a table of guests at Hotel Ezra Cornell
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The 180: Focus on food and beverage

Hotelies have ample opportunities to get involved in food and beverage. Here’s a look at some of their experiences from the 2017–2018 academic year.

Photo of seven Hotelies on The 180 executive board standing in Statler Hall
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The 180: The tradition continues

One of the many Hotelie traditions was the publication of a yearbook until its last print run in 2003. New this year, we hope The 180 will honor the yearbook traditions of the past and start a new tradition of its own.

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A “land of opportunity” at the Hotel School

The Hotel School can prepare you for a career in just about anything your heart desires—it is a land of opportunity amongst an ocean of diversity in knowledge.

Photo of a student walking through the quad
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Exploring courses outside of the Hotel School

To help everyone get a head start in exploring options outside the Hotel School, I’m sharing a list of my top favorite non-HADM classes that I’ve taken thus far.

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Undergrads! Here’s how to make your Hotel School experience count.

As students know well, everyone at the Hotel School came from the top percentiles in their class. But here’s the truth: This place isn’t a cut-throat competitive arena.

Photo of desserts on a tray
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A Sense of Place at The 93rd Hotel Ezra Cornell

This year, the Hotel Ezra Cornell conference theme was A Sense of Place, where speakers, alumni, and industry leaders discussed a shift from an age of information to an era of experience.

Photo of Marissa and classmate Madison Austrich posing for a picture at HEC
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Flexibility for the future: Curriculum and experiences pave infinite paths

The best part about being in the Hotel School is the flexibility it gives me for the future. The amount of different paths that Hotelies take is what makes it such an incredibly dynamic learning environment.

A photo of a student sitting in the captains chair with binoculars
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Hotelies set course for the cruise industry with immersive Royal Caribbean experience

Students recently traded their winter jackets for sunglasses to get a closer look into the cruise industry with Robert Kwortnik’s Introduction to the Global Leisure Cruise Industry course.

Photo of students walking outside Statler Hall in the snow
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7 tips for surviving winter in Ithaca (from 2 Texans!)

To help you learn to love (or at least tolerate) the Ithaca winters, we’re sharing our 7 tips for surviving the coldest months on campus!