Photo of students walking in front of Statler Hall on a sunny day
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Advice for new Hotelies from those who came before

What’s the best way to dive into the School of Hotel Administration? Current students and alumni offer their best advice for the incoming class.

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The 180: Perspectives from our international students

The Hotel School welcomes international students from around the world who want to immerse themselves in the hospitality industry.

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The 180: Fostering diversity in the hospitality industry

Our Engagement and Inclusion Programs seek to address challenges with diversity in the hospitality industry through its student programming.

Photo of the Ye Hosts group at an event
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The 180: Ye Hosts Honor Society

Ye Host members serve as role models and are exemplary students and ambassadors. Here are some reflections from the 2017–2018 academic year.

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The 180: Hands-on management experience at Establishment

No undergraduate experience is complete without Establishment. Here are some highlights from the 2017–2019 season.

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The 180: Hotel School ambassadors

Hotel School ambassadors act as representatives of the undergraduate program. Here are some reflections from the 2017–2018 cohort.

Photo of a girl pouring coffee to a table of guests at Hotel Ezra Cornell
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The 180: Focus on food and beverage

Hotelies have ample opportunities to get involved in food and beverage. Here’s a look at some of their experiences from the 2017–2018 academic year.

Photo of seven Hotelies on The 180 executive board standing in Statler Hall
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The 180: The tradition continues

One of the many Hotelie traditions was the publication of a yearbook until its last print run in 2003. New this year, we hope The 180 will honor the yearbook traditions of the past and start a new tradition of its own.

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A “land of opportunity” at the Hotel School

The Hotel School can prepare you for a career in just about anything your heart desires—it is a land of opportunity amongst an ocean of diversity in knowledge.