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Restaurant customers are generally accepting of delivery fees…

… as long as those charges are seen as fair, according to a new study by Professor Sheryl Kimes.

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Hotels are promoting the nostalgia of the family road trip

Professor Chekitan Dev says new marketing is invoking the familiar tropes of the family car ride to a beach, the mountains, or a national park.

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IHG bets on ultra-luxury even in this economy by expanding Regent hotels

Professor Steve Carvell says the the luxury market tends to be more insulated and recession-proof in most downturns.

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What hotel staycations during Covid era will be like

Professor Christopher Anderson says goodbye to the buffet, hello to the pre-wrapped meal option.

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Focus on hotels: Brand new world

A future hospitality brand shakeout is inevitable, says Professor Chekitan Dev, as hotels continue to operate through the COVID pandemic.

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Restaurants face closings as business slows and rents go unpaid

Professor Alex Susskind predicts that 30% of restaurants may go out of business as their incomes have been decimated by COVID-19 shutdowns.

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Inside seating? A Harlem bar owner navigates COVID-19’s changing rules

Professor Alex Susskind discusses the new reality restaurants will have to navigate in a changed world and food industry.

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World Business Report: England’s pubs and restaurants prepare to open

Senior Lecturer Stephani Robson shares tips for restaurateurs seeking to ensure customers will still want to visit despite coronavirus precautions.

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From coast to coast of the United States, scenes from reopened restaurants in the coronavirus era

Lecturer Lilly Jan says that cost-benefits will have to be carefully considered by restaurants reopening in the age of the coronavirus.