Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership

Healthcare professionals gathered around a tablet and table
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Look to entrepreneurs for what’s next in healthcare

With consumers demanding more from healthcare and the industry struggling to contain costs, professionals with entrepreneurial mindsets will shape the future.

Photo of healthcare professionals collaborating around a table
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Curriculum to strengthen and empower tomorrow’s healthcare leaders

At the heart of our Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program is a specialized curriculum that helps candidates strengthen their business skills and management capabilities as they relate to the healthcare industry.

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Are you a good fit for the Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program?

Looking to take the next step in your healthcare career? Learn about the types of students we’re looking for and how to craft a stand-out application.

Rx for Doctors: an MBA

Rx for Doctors: an MBA

More healthcare professionals see a need for business skills to lead in today’s changing healthcare environment. Here’s why four physicians earned Johnson MBAs.