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Study examines if US firms are becoming more short-term oriented

Yuan Shi has found intriguing data that provides new details around the active debate among managers, investors, researchers, and policymakers.

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Low self-esteem leads to low-quality purchases

Study proposes that low self-esteem consumers gravitate toward inferior products because those products confirm their pessimistic self-views.

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Lessons for managers in the exploration for breakthrough innovation

Study highlights important implications for managers who wish to encourage a more exploratory search for breakthrough innovation.

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How much? Knowing appetizer, entrée calories impacts food choices

A study found calorie labels on menus resulted in a reduction in calories ordered, but with a catch.

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When it comes to marketing, customers must watch the information gap

Research shows that consumers fail to differentiate between deliberate and nondeliberate missing information, and marketers can take advantage.

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Cornell Research Recap: The relationship satisfaction factor in successful brand-hotel partnerships

Professor Chekitan Dev examines the relationship between key operating factors and opportunism on the part of brands and their hotel partners.

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In her own words: Michelle Duguid puts her sleep research to work

Plagued by insomnia for much of her adult, Associate Professor Michelle Duguid decided to an academic approach to the problem.

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Study reveals patterns behind big ideas

Scientific reasoning, cross-disciplinary collaboration and long research paths often lead to “big-leap” inventions, says Madeline Kneeland.

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Vendor finance in the Northeast dairy industry

Assistant Professor Jennifer Ifft discusses how financial stress can be a key driver of vendor financing in the farming industry.