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‘Do you belong here?’: Lawsuits allege Hilton, other hotels discriminated against Black guests

Professor David Sherwyn says big hotel brands can recommend anti-discrimination training for franchised properties, but lack teeth under the law to require it.

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Costco to open new stores, continue senior shopping hours indefinitely

Professor Karan Girotra says large net incomes this quarter for major grocery chains is not surprising as consumer spending shifts during the pandemic.

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What does it mean for fashion to be aspirational in 2020?

Professor Mukti Khaire discusses commitments fashion brands are making to diversity and inclusion, and the challenges faced with changing consumer values.

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Cornell Research Recap: The relationship satisfaction factor in successful brand-hotel partnerships

Professor Chekitan Dev examines the relationship between key operating factors and opportunism on the part of brands and their hotel partners.

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Apps like Robinhood make investing easier. Maybe too easy.

Professor Vicki Bogan discusses high-profile trading apps that increase access to the stock market but could also be gamifiying trading.

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Wirecard probe brings scrutiny to how fintech companies are audited

Associate Professor Luo Zuo discusses how fintech companies may operate under several business models and use multiple accounting methods.

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Digits to the left

Associate Professor Manoj Thomas is helping identify conditions that facilitate the left-digit bias to help managers decide pricing strategy.

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Juneteenth gives corporate America a chance to act on pledges to fight racism following George Floyd’s killing

Dean Lynn Perry Wooten discusses Juneteenth as many companies begin to give their employees the day off or a day of reflection.

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A company’s biggest privacy threat? Insiders

Associate Professor David Sherwyn discusses company garnered data and how serious steps should be taken to protect it from outsiders and insiders.