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Photo of the group of fintech students at Cornell Tech
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What is fintech? Lessons from seven weeks in NYC

Threading together takeaways from various speakers, including Citi Ventures, EY, Point72, Betterment, SoFi, and Capital One, Zoelle Mallenbaum, Two-Year MBA ’18 gets a better understanding of fintech.

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Professor profiles: Cornell Johnson’s Drew Pascarella

Stacy Blackman interviews Drew Pascarella, Lecturer of Finance at the Johnson School, on his journey into academia, the trends he foresees in his field, and his favorite aspect of teaching at Cornell.

Photo of Ben Alden presenting at Cornell Tech
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5 things I learned from Ben Alden ’06, general counsel at Betterment

One of my favorite speakers this month was Ben Alden ’06, a fintech legal authority general counsel at Betterment. I could not have been more impressed by the quality, openness, and insightfulness of Ben’s presentation at Cornell Tech.

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3 reasons why robo-advisors threaten the traditional wealth management industry

Have you ever considered the advice of a robot for your investments? It probably sounds weird, but it’s not at all. Robo-advisors are real, and they are giving advice right now.

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The vision behind the Cornell MBA Fintech Intensive

Drew Pascarella, senior lecturer of finance, talks about the vision and leadership behind the Fintech Intensive.

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The state of fintech

The banking industry has been a late adopter of technology, known for making things inefficient and hard both for internal processes and clients using their products. New tech competitors are now threatening the banking industry by offering a superior user experience.

Photo of B.F. Skinner that says: The mob rushes in where individuals fear to tread
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Why entrepreneurial MBAs should care about initial coin offerings

While ICOs are still young and largely unregulated, they have already activated communities of interest and emerged as a new channel for fundraising, product validation, market testing, and customer engagement.