photo of a crocheted social robot that looks like a cat sitting in an engineering fabrication workshop
Johnson BusinessFeed

MBAs launch high-growth startups in deep tech through radical collaboration

Big Red Tech Strategy partners MBAs with Cornell Engineering Commercialization Fellows to launch businesses based on their technological innovations.

Illustration of mobile money transfer from one person to another
SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

Fintech Trends: The Year Ahead

Scholars at the SC Johnson College of Business were joined by industry experts in a discussion that highlights current and upcoming fintech trends.

Group photo of Cornell Blockchain members cheering and standing behind the Nasdaq podium at the opening bell, with Cornell Blockchain on the wall behind them and on the podium in front of them
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How two curious and technologically savvy SHA students forged Cornell Blockchain

SHA’s entrepreneurial bent and a fascination with Bitcoin led a pair of Hotelies to found a university-wide blockchain club for undergraduates.

CFA Society Chicago logo
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A digital dive into Fintech

Will Cong, Rudd Family Professor of Management, discusses the future of financial technology in this podcast.

Andrew Karolyi and Eswar Prasad
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Present Value: Eswar Prasad and Andrew Karolyi discuss emerging markets and cryptocurrency

Present Value interviews Eswar Prasad and Andrew Karolyi, Cornell economics professors with expertise in emerging markets and finance.

illustration of digital icons inckuding a circular saw cutting through wiring

Cybersecurity: Crimes and consequences

As hacking threats grow in sophistication, here’s a look at what companies are doing to protect themselves and their clients.

Saule Omarova
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Present Value: Saule Omarova discusses financial sector oversight and fintech

Present Value podcast talks with Cornell Law School’s Saule Omarova about financial oversight, Dodd-Frank, and implications of an emerging fintech sector.

The Transformative Power of Blockchain

The transformative power of blockchain

Cryptocurrencies aside, blockchain technology is set to transform a host of industries beyond finance.

The tram at Cornell Tech and Roosevelt Island
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Beyond Ithaca: Johnson’s Ithaca-based MBAs can take classes at Tech campus, NYC

Innovative coursework is being offered for Ithaca MBA students who wish to spend weekends or an entire spring semester in NYC at the Cornell Tech campus.