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Johnson BusinessFeed

Amid competing priorities, business can be a force for good

SC Johnson Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson draws on his storied company’s values to navigate between business pragmatism and doing good.

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ProducePay scores $43m Series C funding from VCs, development banks

“ProducePay funds close to 2% of the market, that’s about $1 billion of produce per year,” founder and CEO Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck MBA ’15 told AFN.

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Break it down: CR0WD task force forges zero waste goals

The Circular Economy: Science and Business of Construction, a collaborative project with Mark Milstein, involves local stakeholders from all stages of a building’s life cycle.

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Dyson BusinessFeed

Five myths about cryptocurrency

In his Washington Post op-ed, Professor Eswar Prasad says the ingenious technological innovations underpinning cryptocurrencies will transform the nature of money and finance.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

Bloods, Crips, and beer: The unlikely success story of TRU Colors Brewery

Brewed by active Bloods, Crips, and GDs, TRU Colors beer is helping promote peace and prosperity in a city once ravaged by gang violence.

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SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

Serving Society Through Scholarship

Researchers at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business are serving society through scholarship.

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Crypto Exchanges Usher in Era of Round-the-Clock Stock Trading

“It seems to me that this is a competition among new and old exchanges,” Professor Will Cong tells Bloomberg Wealth.

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Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration offers networking program to executives of tomorrow

PIHE has created an experiential networking program that grows student knowledge, interpersonal skills, and experience to help them succeed in business and life.

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China Puts Limits on Foreign Banks, Worrying Businesses

Dyson Professor Eswar Prasad tells the New York Times that China will eventually resume with opening up to foreign financial institutions.