Investment Banking Immersion

Photo of Daniel and his teammates standing in the grass outside Sage Hall
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“Pitch me a deal” week: Time to tell our own story

Daniel Kaufman, MBA ’19, and his teammates presented one of the last Investment Banking Immersion cases with a storytelling approach.

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Impressions following the investment banking immersion

As the semester came to a close, I found it hard to imagine how underprepared I would have been for my internship had I not taken the IBI.

Restructuring Week_Rob Symington
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Alumni give insights during IBI Restructuring Week

The IBI learned from a leading restructuring advisor, put those lessons in to practice, and tied it together with instruction from a seasoned investor.

Photo of a student researching financial models on a computer
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Mergers and acquisitions and lots of introspection

For mergers and acquisitions, we recreated a deal and prepared a pitch. Awesome experience, steep learning curve, and lots of introspection.

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Alumni and execs provide key insights at High-Yield and Restructuring conference

In the spring we attended the High-Yield and Restructuring (HYRx) conference in NYC to hear from recent alumni and business executives who shared insights into their careers and experiences.

Photo of a sand quarry and heavy equipment
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IBI Case #2: Finding sand through mergers and acquisitions

Our second case for the Investment Banking Immersion focused on mergers and acquisitions and required a presentation on whether Hi-Crush (an oilfield services company) should acquire Smart Sand (a sand provider).

Photo of students painting a playroom
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IBI Day of Service: 100% accretive to the community

MBAs in the Investment Banking Immersion spent their Day of Service painting at a pre-school for the Franziska Racker Centers. While I found some parallels between service and banking, the main takeaway is larger than that.

Photo of some of P&G branded items, Bounty, Charmin, Tide, Pantene
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Charging toward Duracell: A P&G case study

Drew Pascarella, lecturer of finance, indicated this was, “our easiest and shortest case” for the Investment Banking Immersion. It is amazing how the banker in me came out to put my best foot forward.

Photo of student sitting in a classroom for a presentation
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IBI teamwork in action during Financial Modeling weekend

As my peers look toward summer on Wall Street, we want to take our preparation to the next level. Cue the Investment Banking Immersion (IBI).