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New faculty introduction: Paul Clancy

Meet Johnson’s newest faculty member, Paul Clancy, and learn about his area of expertise, what he will be teaching, and his interests.

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Why shares of Chinese companies could soon be more expensive

Professor Andrew Karolyi discusses Congress’ decision to delist Chinese companies that flout U.S. accounting rules.

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Why commercial lending fell last quarter despite low interest rates

Professor Drew Pascarella discusses a decrease in bank lending volume over the most recent quarter.

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Cornell prof. talks about voter confidence as absentee ballots are counted

Assistant Professor Bill Schmidt says talk of illegal ballots and voter fraud could be contributing to the political divide in the country.

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Without more enforcement, tax evasion will spread like a virus

The I.R.S. is on few people’s most-loved lists, yet the agency needs more money to enforce the tax code, says Professor Emeritus Bob Frank.

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How lack of trust is translating into India’s falling growth rate

Professor Kaushik Basu discusses India’s economic recovery in this expert views piece.

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Faculty profiles: Research focus, from ‘fintech’ to nutrition

Professor William Cong is seen as one of the most influential fintech scholars today.

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How to save capitalism

Professor Chris Marquis says shareholder capitalism has left the American and global economies in a dire place.

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How the B Corporation movement is remaking business

Professor Chris Marquis says that over the past summer, he’s seen the B Corporation movement picking up some serious speed.