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Building better customer satisfaction in a world of technology

Anderson and Martyn explore how customer contact employees can be trained in the “how” of service, especially when involved in service recovery.

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Cornell study highlights the critical importance of brand consistency

Chris Anderson’s study found that consistency within a brand is increasingly important, as compared to location and reputation across a chain scale.

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Research Recap: Legal analysis proposes new standards in the age of “Me Too”

David Sherwyn and Paul Wagner discuss what constitutes sexual harassment, identify the problems, and propose a solution that could eradicate, or at least mitigate, the reason for the Me Too movement.

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Robots: Hotel customers like them (mostly)!

Rohit Verma’s co-authored exploratory study of robot use among hotels in China found that hotel guests surveyed were satisfied with the robots’ service.

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4 ways employers can help women’s career development

In a recent study by Dean Kate Walsh, lecturer Susan Fleming, & professor Cathy Enz, female executives were asked to share their thoughts on long-term growth and retention of women professionals. Emerald Publishing turned this study into an infographic which highlights the four factors that the respondents considered to be key in supporting women in the workplace.

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Why your hotel amenities are better than ever

According to a report by professor Judi Brownell, female travelers seek a more holistic experience in their hotel stays, and accommodating them means attending to their core needs: feeling safe, comfortable, empowered, and pampered.

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How does virtual reality impact the consumer experience?

Professor Helen Chun explores the pros and cons of implementing VR as a way to enhance the consumer experience during the pre-consumption stage.

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Awards and Honors: Professor Alex Susskind earns JHTR Best Paper of the Year Award

Recognized for: “Guest-Server-Exchange Model and Performance: The Connection Between Service Climate and Unit-Level Sales in Multiunit Restaurants”

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Study highlights growth of strategic hotel profit management

Cathy Enz’s co-authored study shows hospitality firms continue to expand their revenue management practices with a strategic profit-management approach.