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Cornell-CARE team to advance gender equity, climate resilience in Niger

Dyson researchers traveled to Niamey, Niger, thanks to a $200,000 grant from the Innovation for Impact Fund. Chris Barrett leads the Cornell-CARE collaboration.

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Research Recap: Funding research rather than mandating consumption might be a more effective method for renewable fuel policy

Research co-authored by the Dyson School’s Cynthia Lin Lawell examines the EPA’s renewable fuel standard (RFS) and recommends ways to improve renewable fuel policy and climate policy.

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Statler GM Rick Adie ’75 receives statewide honor

The New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association selected Rick Adie ’75 as this year’s Outstanding General Manager for hotels with more than 150 rooms.

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It’s complicated: Understanding the relationship between the economy and the environment

Alumni who have expertise and investments in green buildings, companies, and technology discussed the impact of urban sustainability in NYC and beyond.

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Research Recap: Possible unintended consequences of energy efficiency improvements

Research co-authored by Cynthia Lin Lawell finds that improvements in energy efficiency may actually increase rather than decrease energy use.

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Cornell’s Statler Hotel receives Silver GreenLeaders award

TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program helps travelers around the world plan greener trips by highlighting hotels and bed and breakfasts engaging in environmentally friendly practices.