Two-Year MBA

A large crowd of people, some waving Sri Lanka’s flag, facing government buildings and listening to speakers standing in front of those buildings.
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Sri Lanka’s Financial Crisis: Origins, Impact, and Next Steps

Raghav Nath, MBA ’22, examines Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, its root causes, and how it can improve its economic prospects and regain stability.

illustration of 3 profiles in the Ukraine flag's colors, blue and yellow, facing 3 profiles in the Russian flag's colors, white, blue, and red.
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Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Russian Economy

Tony Tsao, MBA ’22 discusses the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Russian and global economy.

Mariana Flores Aguilar sitting at her desk wearing a gray Microsoft sweatshirt.
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From Nature to Technology, Making an Impact

Mariana Flores Aguilar, MBA ’22, writes about her experience as an intern on the Technology for Social Impact team at Microsoft.

illustration of musical notation - treble clef with ascending notes -- with bar and line graphs showing upward trends in the background.
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Hitting the High Notes for 21 years (and Counting)

Barry Massarsky, MBA ’81, and Nari Matsuura, MBA ’01, pioneered valuation for the music industry; demand for their expertise is higher than ever now.

four Korean mean in suits standing side by side and smiling with a building and sky and trees in the background
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A SPAC Built to Bridge the Gap between North America and Asia

Korean Johnson MBA alumni combined their financial expertise to launch a SPAC targeting breakthrough life-science and sustainable technology in Asia.

A picture of Benjamin Goulet standing next to the EY logo
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Sustainability in Management Consulting Internship with EY-Parthenon

Benjamin Goulet, MBA ’22, describes his experience as a consulting intern for EY-Parthenon, including access to leaders of sustainability initiatives.

Julia and Alex Littauer stand outside on a city street with foliage in the background sunny, spring day.

Jonas Weil Entrepreneurship Fellowship Elevates Sovi, One Sip at a Time

Since 1997, the Jonas Weil Entrepreneurship Fellowship has assisted more than 70 entrepreneurial @CornellMBA graduates with student loan repayment.

illustration of a laptop with a red cross on it surrounded by healthcare equipment such as a stethoscope, medicines, bandage, plus grouping of a family consulting with a doctor and physicians consulting data and with one another
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Covid-19 Accelerated the Adoption of Telehealth: ls it here to stay?

Cornell MBAs, physicians, and faculty weigh in on telehealth’s benefits to patients, obstacles to widespread adoption, and projections for its future.

orange and green electric garbage truck with electric cord graphic on the side
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Preparing for the Greener Future of Electric Garbage Trucks

Yimi Zhao, MBA ’22, made the business case for electric garbage trucks in an internship enabled by Johnson’s Social Impact Internship Fund.