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How is COVID-19 affecting businesses, hospitality, the economy, management, finance, policy, and employment practices? What does the future hold? College thought leaders are connecting with faculty across the university to provide guidance and insights during this worldwide crisis.

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Join faculty, alumni, and industry experts online for a series of webinars and panel discussions

Get expert advice and learn how COVID-19 is affecting business, the economy, hospitality, management, supply chain, finance, and more. Registration is open to the public unless otherwise noted.

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Featured faculty: Linda Canina

Recovery by the numbers: What to expect in the lodging industry

Tuesday, September 15, 11:30 a.m. EDT
Cornell School of Hotel Administration faculty and lodging industry veterans will share their experiences thus far and take a close look at the road ahead, offering insights into the recoveries already underway in some sectors as well as strategies for how other sectors can successfully weather this unprecedented storm.

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Featured faculty: Dean Kate Walsh

Innovating for a post-pandemic future: Challenges and opportunities in the hospitality industry

Tuesday, September 22, 12:00 p.m. EDT
Join three tech industry leaders as they discuss next-generation technology solutions and innovations for the hospitality industry of tomorrow.

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Window setting looking out over water and a European town

Featured faculty: Linda Canina

Reopening European hotels: The recovery and investment landscape

Tuesday, September 29, 10:00 am EDT
Hear from prominent leaders in the European lodging industry discuss reopening strategies, which customer segments will come back first and why, what the recovery may look like, and potential hotel investment opportunities within the European market and country-specific government policies.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

Growth depends on social norms, political culture; not just economic policies: ex-world bank economist

July 27, 2020

Professor Kaushik Basu says the breakdown of social cohesion is beginning to hurt India.

Johnson BusinessFeed

If government’s first duty is to protect us, how can masks in public be optional?

July 26, 2020

Senior Lecturer Dana Radcliffe discusses an important ethical question around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johnson BusinessFeed

Spend more on society and get more for yourself

July 16, 2020

Professor Robert Frank says the current pandemic shows us that different spending patterns could improve both the health and well-being of almost everyone in America.

Dyson BusinessFeed

The U.S.-China trade deal risks falling victim to spiraling ties

July 24, 2020

Professor Eswar Prasad discusses deteriorating US-China relations, declining since the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the globe.

Dyson BusinessFeed

COVID exacerbates malnutrition in India, study finds

July 21, 2020

Professor Prabhu Pingali finds India's strict COVID-lockdown has led to increased produce prices, limiting the affordability of a diverse diet.

Dyson BusinessFeed

The hunger crisis linked to coronavirus could kill more people than the disease itself, Oxfam warns

July 12, 2020

Associate Professor Miguel Gómez discusses global and U.S. food supply chains and how improvements can help populations avoid the worst case scenario.

SHA BusinessFeed

Hotels are promoting the nostalgia of the family road trip

July 27, 2020

Professor Chekitan Dev says new marketing is invoking the familiar tropes of the family car ride to a beach, the mountains, or a national park.

SHA BusinessFeed

IHG bets on ultra-luxury even in this economy by expanding Regent hotels

July 20, 2020

Professor Steve Carvell says the the luxury market tends to be more insulated and recession-proof in most downturns.

SHA BusinessFeed

What hotel staycations during Covid era will be like

July 17, 2020

Professor Christopher Anderson says goodbye to the buffet, hello to the pre-wrapped meal option.

Across the college

Dyson BusinessFeed

Daniel Hooker finds a teachable moment in COVID-19

August 14, 2020

Hooker, a veteran food industry executive, will teach a new course this fall covering global supply-chain issues surfaced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johnson BusinessFeed

Hiring trends emerge in study into COVID-19 impact on job market

June 24, 2020

Professor Murillo Campello has leveraged big data on job-vacancy postings to reveal several dimensions of the impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. job market.

SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

The Rundown: Highlights from the week of June 1

June 5, 2020

Expert perspectives from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty on COVID-19’s impact on business, hospitality, and the economy.

Dyson BusinessFeed

Measuring the economic and environmental consequences of COVID-19

June 3, 2020

Professor Shanjun Li has been awarded a Cornell Atkinson Rapid Response Fund grant to examine the economic and environmental consequences of COVID-19.

SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

The Rundown: Highlights from the week of May 25

May 29, 2020

Expert perspectives from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty on COVID-19’s impact on business, hospitality, and the economy.

Dyson BusinessFeed

Just awarded grant for COVID-19 food security research

May 26, 2020

Professor David Just has been awarded a Rapid Response Fund grant from Cornell's Atkinson Center to examine food bank interest and use in the age of COVID-19.