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How is COVID-19 affecting businesses, hospitality, the economy, management, finance, policy, and employment practices? What does the future hold? College thought leaders are connecting with faculty across the university to provide guidance and insights during this worldwide crisis.

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Join faculty, alumni, and industry experts online for a series of webinars and panel discussions

Get expert advice and learn how COVID-19 is affecting business, the economy, hospitality, management, supply chain, finance, and more. Registration is open to the public unless otherwise noted.

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Featured faculty:
Dean Andrew Karolyi

Diversity in Digital Currency: Fintech’s Opportunities, Pitfalls, Next Steps

Friday, September 24, 4:00 p.m. EDT
Join us as experts discuss diversity and inclusion in fintech, including de-fi, digital assets, and stablecoins.

September 24: Register Now

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Many of our regularly scheduled events—and new events—will be held online, which means these events will now be open to wider audiences and you’ll be able to join us from afar. Below are some upcoming events that feature our faculty and alumni.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

Start Retraining for Social Interactions

March 27, 2021

“Assess your own risk level and comfort,” Professor Sunita Sah told the New York Times, “so you’re very clear about what you would and would not like to do.”

Johnson BusinessFeed

Opinion: Let Bezos and Musk make billions. Just force them to share a little with the rest of us.

September 29, 2020

Professor Emeritus Bob Frank argues that increasing the capital gain tax could make money available to help many aspects of our society.

Johnson BusinessFeed

How forcing colleges to go online could change higher education for the better

September 9, 2020

Professor Emeritus Bob Frank explains just how this is a possibility.

Dyson BusinessFeed

COVID-19’s Impact on the Workplace

March 5, 2021

Professor Kevin Kniffin discusses his coauthored article, "COVID-19 and the Workplace," with Psychology Today.

Dyson BusinessFeed

The countries that beat COVID are doing best economically

December 14, 2020

Professor Eswar Prasad says that when it comes to the pandemic and a nation state's economic recovery, a single unifying principle applies globally.

Dyson BusinessFeed

The Nasdaq is skyrocketing. That may not be a great sign for the economy

November 4, 2020

Associate Professor Scott Yonker discusses investors sticking with the pandemic winners as uncertainty looms.

Nolan School BusinessFeed

Requiring the COVID-19 vaccine: insights for businesses

May 11, 2021

Cornell alumni and industry experts representing both management and workers discuss whether U.S. employers should require their employees to be vaccinated.

Nolan School BusinessFeed

Is This the End of Tipping?

February 21, 2021

The pandemic is pushing the restaurant industry to consider a no-tip approach. “If you’re going to rebuild, let’s rebuild on a sounder model," Professor Michael Lynn tells The New York Times.

Nolan School BusinessFeed

‘I even miss the airline delays:’ Meet the business travelers who can’t wait to get back on the road

February 18, 2021

“We really have no idea what business travel is going to look like and at what level it will come back," Professor Chris Anderson tells the Washington Post.

Across the college

Dyson BusinessFeed

Daniel Hooker finds a teachable moment in COVID-19

August 14, 2020

Hooker, a veteran food industry executive, will teach a new course this fall covering global supply-chain issues surfaced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johnson BusinessFeed

Hiring trends emerge in study into COVID-19 impact on job market

June 24, 2020

Professor Murillo Campello has leveraged big data on job-vacancy postings to reveal several dimensions of the impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. job market.

SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

The Rundown: Highlights from the week of June 1

June 5, 2020

Expert perspectives from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty on COVID-19’s impact on business, hospitality, and the economy.

Dyson BusinessFeed

Measuring the economic and environmental consequences of COVID-19

June 3, 2020

Professor Shanjun Li has been awarded a Cornell Atkinson Rapid Response Fund grant to examine the economic and environmental consequences of COVID-19.

SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

The Rundown: Highlights from the week of May 25

May 29, 2020

Expert perspectives from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty on COVID-19’s impact on business, hospitality, and the economy.

Dyson BusinessFeed

Just awarded grant for COVID-19 food security research

May 26, 2020

Professor David Just has been awarded a Rapid Response Fund grant from Cornell's Atkinson Center to examine food bank interest and use in the age of COVID-19.