Organizational Developments For HR, Finance, and Marketing and Communications

From: Dean Soumitra Dutta
Sent: Monday, July 25, 2016 3:06 PM
Subject: CCB Update #6: Organizational developments for HR, Finance, and Marketing and Communications

Dear CCB Colleagues,

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Ithaca summer. Today I’m pleased to share some key organizational updates for our human resources, finance, and marketing teams. Each of these teams has been developing transition plans based on the recommendations of the CCB staff synergy group’s final report

Beginning in August, these new teams will start their official operations under the supervision of Laura Syer, associate dean.

  • Human Resources – Strengthens our processes for hiring, employee development, retention, knowledge sharing, and growth. Lead roles on this team include:
    • Katherine Doxey: Leads HR for faculty and staff within each of our schools and CCB administration. HR Generalists under Kathy’s purview include:
      • Nathan Carlisle: Supporting Dyson, CCB IT, Infrastructure, and Marketing and Communications.
      • Julie Weaver: Supporting Johnson, CCB Dean’s Office, Finance, and HR.
      • Wendi Hawkins: Supporting SHA and CCB External Relations.
      • Rick Kuhar: Assumes responsibility for Statler Hotel and CCB HR operations. Working under Rick’s purview is:
        • Judi Novitzki: Assumes responsibility for student employment and payroll.
  • Finance – Oversight of an integrated budget enables us to operate with greater efficiency and accountability across the three schools. This office will include a new Financial Transaction Center (FTC), shifting functions from Cornell’s Central Services and the CALS Business Service Center.
  • Tivadar Szegletes: Assumes responsibility for our financial consolidations, school reporting, Statler Hotel, budget and analysis for centers and institutes, non-degree executive education, gifts, and central administration.
  • Rebecca Clark Cowburn: Leads budgeting and analysis for all personnel and labor distribution, degree programs, and contracts.
  • Beth Lucy-Speidel: Oversees Dyson programs.
  • Travis Virgadamo: Assumes overall responsibility for the newly established CCB Financial Transaction Center (FTC). This team is responsible for financial and purchasing functions including e-shop purchasing, purchase orders, disbursement vouchers, procurement cards, reimbursements, and asset management.
  • Marketing and Communications – A strategic priority of CCB is to increase interest in each of our three schools while improving Cornell’s overall reputation for business education. The integration into one team allows for greater specialization and increased agility. Lead roles reporting to David Bebko are:
    • Al Gonzalez: Leads brand and digital strategy, inclusive of core messaging and websites.
    • Sandra Roma Paniccia: Leads an integrated marketing team responsible for campaigns, outreach, and analytics.
    • Sarah Magnus-Sharpe: Assumes responsibility for media relations across the College of Business. A marketing and communications lead is appointed to each school to ensure coordinated marketing plans and activities:
      • Deborah Stayer Kelly: For Johnson
      • Shannon Dortch: For Dyson
      • Teresa Bell: For SHA
      • Jenny Stockdale: For CCB administration

Within the next month, additional school-based communications will be forthcoming from each of these new departments to address organizational changes in more detail. I will soon be in touch with similar updates for CCB IT and facilities operations and CCB alumni affairs and development. In this time, I encourage you to continue reaching out to all members of the CCB leadership team—and to relevant colleagues—with questions and solutions to help us all succeed in this time of transition.

Thank you to all who contributed to this effort, and for your continued commitment to making the CCB an unrivaled destination for business education.

With regards,


Soumitra Dutta
Dean, College of Business
Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean, Johnson
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Cornell College of Business
Cornell University
207 Sage Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
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