2017 Photos

Welcome & Orientation Event

Guest speakers: Prof. Laura Spitz and Prof. Rohit Verma

Lectures by Outstanding Professors & Professionals

(Prof. Jura Liaukonyte, Prof. Mike Waldman, Prof. Jerry Hausman, Prof. Andrew Karolyi, Meng Zhao, Peng Wu, etc.)

Social Events with Cornell Professors and Students

Guest speakers: Prof. Calum Turvey and Prof. Arnab Basu

Visit by Consul General of China (New York) Qiyue Zhang

Life and Study at Cornell

Alpacas Farm, Winery and Niagara Falls Field Trips

Graduate Students Graduation Ceremony & Reception

Undergraduate Students Graduation Ceremony & Reception

Guest speaker: Prof. Max Pfeffer

D.C. Trip & Visit to The World Bank

Hosts: Fan Zhang and Shun Chonabayashi at the World Bank

NYC Trip & Visit to Columbia University

(Seminar Speaker: Columbia Prof. Matthew Backus)