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Research Recap: Uncovering the attributes of sustainable earnings in the lodging industry

March 16, 2020

Research from Linda Canina at SHA uncovers factors that can have a significant impact on achieving sustainable earnings in the lodging industry.

SHA BusinessFeed

Liu foresees new business models as hospitality infuses retail shopping

March 1, 2020

Peng Liu, SHA associate professor, looks at how the hospitality industry can better serve retail shoppers by giving them enjoyable experiences.


Do People Regret Their Unhealthy Behaviors?

February 21, 2020

Regret you feel before you indulge may be higher than what you’ll feel afterwards, according to new research by Manoj Thomas and Helen Chun.

Collaborative Focus

With many opportunities to collaborate across schools, our faculty work and innovate together in targeted disciplines through faculty areas. These are disciplines that are key to any business, and are taught at different course levels by expert faculty in each of our three schools—areas such as finance, marketing, and operations.

Faculty in one faculty area may work together on research, discuss and create more efficient teaching methods, and hold or attend seminars and workshops to deepen their understanding. Areas also allow for coordination across public engagement and industry outreach activities based in disciplines, and provide a greater number of faculty to support specialized programs, like our centers and institutes.

Faculty Areas & Their Coordinators

Research with Impact


Cornell SC Johnson College of Business 2017 Edition

This report is a compendium of scholarly research produced by faculty throughout the college that highlights select research findings and media mentions, and summarizes faculty publications from the past year.

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