Interdisciplinary Themes

Ideation. Collaboration. Innovation.

Interdisciplinary themes serve as a critical hub for the research and networking of expert faculty and industry leaders within the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, across Cornell University, and beyond. Through themes our faculty conduct breakthrough thought-leadership and connect students and industry experts in areas of global importance.

Ideation. It all starts with an idea.

  • Themes provide a truly interdisciplinary academic perspective on the challenges facing our society today.

Collaboration. Coming together to create something greater.

  • Esteemed faculty, industry experts, and interested internal and external affiliates connect to form a vast and unparalleled network of thought leadership.

Innovation. Ideas become realities and transform industries.

  • The integration of research, teaching, and public engagement programs create opportunities for new insights and innovative solutions.

Theme: FinTech at Cornell

Our defining impact on the field of financial technology is growing through interdisciplinary thought leadership and collaboration with fintech industry leaders.


Theme: Business of Food

From farm production—through processing, distribution, and marketing—to the consumer experience, the Business of Food encompasses all facets of the food industry to foster relationships and further research.

Students sitting near stock tickers

Theme: Investing at Cornell

Investing at Cornell connects faculty and students across the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and Cornell University who are interested in studying, researching, and working in the field of investments.

Theme: Behavioral Economics and Decision Research

Founded 1989 by 2017 Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler, BEDR unites Cornell scholars with shared interests in judgment, decision making, and behavioral economics. 

Theme: Emerging Markets

Theme: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology