The Business of Food

This theme at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business envisions faculty collaboration for thought leadership and to create a hub of cutting-edge research, innovative teaching, and collaborative industry engagement.

The SC Johnson College has a rigorous food presence in many areas across the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, and the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration.

  • agriculture
  • agribusiness
  • business school
  • career and job placement
  • food service and hospitality
  • food and science innovation
  • international development
  • sociology
  • student activities
  • sustainability

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Related Studies

Both Dyson and Nolan schools within the SC Johnson college offer concentrations in food-related business studies. Many other courses in associated studies can be found in the college of agriculture and life sciences and around the university.



The Business of Food supports industry roundtables to discuss trends in craft beers, consumer behavior, sustainability and other important topics.

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Collaborative Research

Connecting with over 70 researchers and associates and 12 other departmental units around the university, the Business of Food funds internal grants that lead the way to vital food research.

Faculty and Staff


Miguel Gómez

Miguel Gómez headshot

Co-director of the Business of Food theme; Robert G. Tobin Professor of Food Marketing (Dyson School)

Ravinder Kingra

Ravinder Kingra

Co-director of the Business of Food theme; Lecturer (Nolan School)

Chairs of Steering Committees

David Just

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Catherine Perkins

Catherine Perkins headshot


Catharine Young

Catharine Young headshot

CALS representative

Rajni Aneja

Rajni Aneja headshot

CALS, Institute for Food Systems

Kristen Park

Kristen Park headshot
Business of Food project manager

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