Sustainability Soars at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Theme Inaugurated: May 2022

The Business of Sustainability supports connections and bridges strengths in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, and the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration. The theme combines the three schools to fuel our mission to “inspire leaders to build sustainable, shared prosperity.”

The SC Johnson College uses the Business of Sustainability theme, combined with the other interdisciplinary themes, to provide a nexus for faculty collaboration across the college, focusing on research, teaching and learning initiatives, and external engagement.

News and Highlights

A female professor addresses a group in a lecture hall.

Climate finance takes center stage at ESG Investing Research Conference

Researchers and practitioners examined efforts to fund the abatement of biodiversity loss at the Cornell ESG Investing Research Conference.

Surreal painting of the back of a man standing at the threshold of a huge doorway or opening shaped like the outline of a head, looking out on a green, pastoral landscape, implying a sustainable future.

New Research Theme to Solidify SC Johnson College as a Leader in Sustainability

The Business of Sustainability research theme will facilitate collaboration, program coordination, and curriculum across the college’s three schools.

A picture of Ina Gjika at the opening plenary of the conference with the stage and big screen of sponsors behind her.

Solving the Climate Crisis is About Preserving Human Dignity

Ina Gjika, MS ’22, reflects on Aspen Ideas: Climate, a conference she attended with support from CSGE and the Cornell Energy Club.

Research Spotlights

Lourdes Casanova and Anne Miroux in front of Cornell Johnson red backdrop

Lourdes Casanova and Anne Miroux

Business Insights on Emerging Markets 2022. Lourdes Casanova and Anne Miroux. 2022. OECD Emerging Markets Network.

Casanova and Miroux wrote the chapter focusing on environmental, social, and governance efforts in emerging markets for the 2022 edition of “Business Insights on Emerging Markets” for the OECD Emerging Markets Network. This publication provides business views and analysis on development in emerging markets for high-level public officials, senior executives, and others.

Shanjun Li headshot

Shanjun Li

Adaptation Mitigates the Negative Effect of Temperature Shocks on Household Consumption. Panle Jia Barwick, Wangyang Lai, Shanjun Li, and Yanyan Liu. 2022. Nature Human Behaviour, 6: 837–846.

Research by Li and his co-authors analyzes the spending behavior of consumers in response to weather extremes. With climate change models predicting increasing heat and cold extreme weather events, adaption strategies may be necessary to curb changes in household consumption that could impact economic growth.

Aaron Adalja headshot

Aaron Adalja

A Perspective on Data Sharing in Digital Food Safety Systems. Chenhao Qian, Yuhan Liu, Cecil Barnett-Neefs, Sudeep Salgia, Omer Serbetci, Aaron Adalja, Jayadev Acharya, Qing Zhao, Renata Ivanek & Martin Wiedmann. 2022. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.

Food safety is a topic that concerns all of us and digital tools can help ensure food quality and safety.  As Adalja and his team found, these tools can be severely limited by the lack of willingness to share data due to liability or publicity concerns.

Faculty and Staff


Jawad Addoum

Headshot of Jawad M. Addoum

Associate Professor

Catherine Kling

Headshot of Catherine Louise Kling

Tisch University Professor and Faculty Director, David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future

Mark Milstein

Headshot of Mark B. Milstein

Clinical Professor and Director, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise

Faculty Affiliates

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