VinUniversity Milestones

Academic Collaboration Apr. 2018 Signing Ceremony
Oct. 2019 Cornell Delegation Visit for Academic Consulting
Oct. 2020 Inaugural Convocation Ceremony
Founding Provost Rohit Verma

"The goal of VinUniversity is to be a university of the highest international standards in research, teaching, and training for students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, serving as a magnet for the most talented faculty and students from all over the world."

Rohit Verma, Founding Provost, VinUniversity, Protem Committee Member, VinUniversity Project, Former Dean of External Relations, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Major Accomplishments

Reviewing Blueprints for VinUni-Academic Consulting Project

Developed and participated in the design charrette focusing on the high-level strategy of a world-class university.

Gary Thompson with flipchart-Academic Consulting Project

Assisted in the development, and validated VinUniversity’s undergraduate curriculum in Business, Hospitality Management, Real Estate, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and General Science.

VinUni Campus Drawing

Assisted in the review and approval of campus design plans and infrastructure planning.

Cornell and VinUni members discussing courses

Led the recruiting process for the Curriculum Development Faculty of VinUniversity.

Provost Rohit Verma Speaking

Spearheaded the recruiting Process leading to the selection of the Founding Provost.

Dean Sunmee Choi

Launched the recruiting process leading to the selection of leading candidates for Deanships in Business Management and Engineering.

Mark Campbell handing out reading materials

Spearheaded the recruiting process of the initial faculty in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Hospitality Management, Real Estate, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.

Group Photo of VinUni Staff attending teaching workshop

Assisted in the development of VinUniversity strategies in admissions, marketing, student affairs, library management, IT, and research.

Douglas Stayman Presenting in Teaching Workshop

Developed and provided professional development training for VinUniversity faculty.

VinUni Staff and VinUni Project Team with training certificates

Developed and provided professional training for high level university staff in admissions/marketing and human resources.

Upcoming Milestones

Assist in the development, and validate graduate degree programs in Hospitality Management and Computer Science.

Select and assist in the professional development training of VinUniversity Visiting Fellows accepted by Cornell.

Develop training opportunities and programs for new faculty, senior leadership, and senior staff. Explore coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Validate strategic plans in branding, marketing, communications, and admissions.

Faculty trips to Hanoi to participate in curriculum development, industrial roundtables and conferences, and marketing, admissions, career orientation activities.

Connect VinUniversity with Cornell and other universities, explore student/faculty exchanges, credit transfers, and research collaborations.