Featured Cornell-VinUniversity Collaborations


Leadership Immersion Program

High level VinUni leaders within the College of Business Management visited Cornell in the spring of 2023 to attend meetings with their Cornell counterparts. Attendees experienced life at Cornell while learning more about leadership, entrepreneurship, program development and quality assurance, teaching innovation, student experience cultivation, faculty recruitment and retention and research management. The group ended the week at Cornell Tech in NYC to attend the Open Studio event and case competition.


Faculty Immersion Program

Faculty from VinUnis newest college, The College of Arts and Sciences, experienced life at Cornell in the fall of 2023 while exploring and cultivating their personal and academic interests. Four professors attended meetings and events focused on teaching innovation, writing and language programming, learning strategies, diversity & inclusion, community service learning and more.


Student Immersion Program

Six VinUniversity students across 3 colleges travelled to Cornell for a 10-day immersion to experience the Ithaca community and Cornell. The program focused on Curriculum, Extra-curriculum, personal development, community engagement and social life. The students attended classes, meetings, events and workshops to understand the full breadth of what it means to be a student at Cornell both on campus and in the community. Following the trip, the students designed their own dream student experience for VinUni’s student life team using the knowledge they gained from living life at both universities.

Accelerated Degree Program

In 2022, four Accelerated Degree Programs within 3 Colleges at Cornell were established for students to begin their bachelor studies at VinUni and finish with a master’s degree at Cornell. Students can apply for the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Applied Economics and Management within the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, the MPS in Applied Statistics within the Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, or Master of Science (MS) in Systems OR Mechanical Engineering within the College of Engineering. After following this pathway and completing two degrees, students are well equipped to continue in higher education or enter the workforce.

Student Participants in VACEP program at VinUni

Student Community-Engaged Projects in Vietnam

Through the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement, the Cornell-VinUniversity Project has sponsored student community-engagement projects in Vietnam. Cornell and VinUniversity students conducted research on adverse childhood experiences (ACE) in Vietnam, supporting the Vietnamese non-governmental organization Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI). The project began in the winter of 2021-2022 (held virtually) and continued during the summer of 2022 (virtually plus in-person in Hanoi, Vietnam). A third cohort of students continued this project working with SCDI and focusing on ACE in the summer 2023.

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Cornell Einhorn Center for Community Engagement

Summer 2022 Student Internship in Vietnam

During the summer of 2022, a select set of Cornell University-wide students were paired with students from VinUniversity in Hanoi, Vietnam, to collaborate on project teams aiding the NGO-SCDI to improve the quality of life of vulnerable marginalized populations.

Student teams collaborated virtually for four weeks before Cornell students travel to Vietnam for a four-week-long immersive global internship experience. The multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary student team worked on projects focused on creating interventions for those suffering from adverse childhood experiences in Vietnam with help from SCDI members.

To learn more, visit the Experience Cornell application page (Application now closed).

Winter 2021-2022 Student ACE Pathfinders

To kick off the student community-engagement projects, undergraduate student teams from Cornell University and VinUniversity collaborated virtually to collect and evaluate research on adverse childhood experiences (ACE). The student teams dubbed ACE Pathfinders, then presented their weeks of research during a January 2022 public meeting attended by NGO-SCDI, Cornell and VinUniversity leaders, and Vietnamese government policymakers.

Three student teams presented on ACE from different angles: adult outcomes, interventions, and prevention of ACEs. The student research presentations on this novel concept paved the way for continued in-person discussions during summer 2022.

VinUniversity lead professor Dr. David Koh summarized the winter experience while preparing for summer 2022, “There’s a lot the students from Cornell can do for us. Bring all your diverse experiences to us, and make a reasonable proposal to our government, and our government will listen. Lives are impacted, to the extent that we do the work well.”

VinUniversity Campus to Cornell University Campus

Early Faculty Development Program-Visiting Fellows

Select VinUniversity assistant professors are visiting fellows at Cornell, mentored by Cornell faculty members. VinUniversity faculty spend two semesters at the Cornell campus, developing their research and teaching programs alongside their Cornell mentor.

Early Faculty Development Fellows and Cornell Mentors

Cornell EFD (Visiting Fellow) Mentor Cornell Department Area VinUniversity EFD (Visiting Fellow) Candidate Research Interest Areas
Kilian Weinberger Department of Computer Science with Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science Duy Dung Le Web data mining and data science with recommended systems in developing countries.
Amit Lal School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Cuong Danh Do Sensor and intelligent systems that are self-powered, self-monitoring self-correcting and repairing, and self-modifying or morphing.
Helen HaeEun Chun Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration (Jenny Le) Dung Phuong Thi Le Consumer experiences design and emotions.
Zachary Shulman Entrepreneurship at Cornell Linh Anh Do Entrepreneurship activities, university-wide.
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Research Mentorship Program-Virtual Mentorship

The Cornell-VinUniversity Research Mentorship (CVRM) program extends the research skills, capacity, and productivity of VinUniversity faculty. The CVRM program encourages candid conversations between VinUniversity faculty and Cornell mentors about research topics and the development of robust research plans.

Research Mentorship Participants and Cornell Mentors

Cornell Faculty Mentors Cornell Department Area VinUniversity Faculty Mentee Research Interest Areas
Mostafa Hassani Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Tran Thi Mai Microscopy, optics, biophysics, material science, and biostatistics.
Tom Ristenpart Cornell Tech and the Computer Science Department Kok-Seng Wong Security, data privacy, authentication, Cloud and Edge computing, while maintaining a strong relevance to the privacy-preserving framework
Francesco Monticone School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Le Van Quynh Paths for the optical metasurfaces going into the practical devices and uncovering insights about the light-matter interactions between the nanostructured photonics and quantum emitters.
Keith Taylor Cornell Department of Asian Studies Jason Picard Southeast Asia and Vietnam focused studies.
Nicholas Silins Sage School of Philosophy Billy Wheeler Philosophy of science and technology, particularly epistemological and

metaphysical issues.

David Lee Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management Anupama Devendrakumar Political Economy, Economic (Regional Integration, trade, investment), Globalization, Southeast Asia, Industry and Labor Relations.
Nicholas Silins Sage School of Philosophy James Collin Philosophy of language, epistemology, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mathematics, with a particular focus on how pragmatist conceptions of language such as semantic inferentialism bear on metaphysical and epistemological questions.
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Curriculum Enhancement Program-Virtual Mentorship

Course-centered curriculum enhancement matches a VinUniversity course with a similar one at Cornell. The VinUniversity and Cornell faculty members establish an agenda for collaboration including sharing teaching experiences and course materials.

Curriculum Enhancement Program-Courses Matched

  • Physics II
  • Intro to Circuits for EE
  • Statics and Mechanics of Solids for ME
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Organization
  • Foodservice Management
  • Intro Microeconomics
  • Intro Business Statistics
  • Marketing
  • Dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Physics III
  • Database Concepts and Skills for Big Data
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Retail Strategy
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Intro Macroeconomics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Signals and Information
  • Cross-Cultural Navigation & Literacy
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Global Political Economy
  • Oral Communication
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Intro to Communication
  • Mechanical Synthesis
  • Data Visualization in Tableau
  • Introduction to Wines of the World
  • Algorithm Design
  • Digital Communication System Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Managing Service Excellence
  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
Online student learner taking notes

Online Learning Opportunity with eCornell-Virtual Courses

eCornell, Cornell University’s online learning unit, has collaborated with VinUniversity to create the VinUni-eCornell Lifelong Learning Program. This program is offered to select VinUniversity students, faculty, and staff to support the continued contributions of these individuals to the academic success of VinUniversity. These participants will have the opportunity to participate in non-credit online courses in a wide range of topic areas, including leadership, business and finance, project management, and more.