Uniting the strengths of our top-ranked business schools: Dyson, the Nolan School, and Johnson, the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business enhances collaboration and innovation across industries while preserving each school’s individual excellence.


Explore more possibilities.

Learn beyond your school with courses and projects in other business areas, and apply your knowledge to innovation in your chosen field. Get inside access to special industry events, guest speakers, travel, and extracurricular opportunities.

Grow your network.

Meet faculty, peers, and industry professionals who challenge your ideas and help you make them even more successful. Plug into a powerful global network of Cornell SC Johnson and Cornell University alumni where you’ll find collaborators, mentors, advisors, and friends.

Expand your resume.

You’ll have a more diverse, well-rounded experience to add to your resume—plus the recognition of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business name when you explore career opportunities in the future.


Expand your network.

As part of our extensive Cornell SC Johnson alumni network, you can tap into connections in any industry, anywhere in the world. Whatever your next venture, you won’t have to search hard for collaborators.

Strengthen your personal brand.

Benefit from recognition of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business name if your career takes a new direction. As part of our network, potential employers and colleagues will know you have the talent and skills to succeed.

Gain new access and insight.

Satisfy your intellectual curiosity at our events worldwide, where experts in diverse fields present and discuss business challenges that span multiple industries. As part of our alumni network, you’ll never stop learning and growing.


Recruit the greatest talent.

Cornell SC Johnson faculty educate the best and brightest in each of our three business schools. For every area of any industry, you’ll find the next generation of leaders here.

Choose agility.

Discover talent and intellect as diverse and complex as your organization’s needs. Our students are collaborators who work across disciplines to understand and solve for the unique challenges businesses face today.

Energize your organization.

Recruit the brightest students and graduates who will bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to your organization. Find candidates for full-time careers, internships, externships, and summer positions at SC Johnson career fairs, corporate showcases, and recruitment events.

Corporations and Foundations

Find solutions.

Work with faculty-guided groups of students who will apply new thinking and present innovative solutions to your greatest business challenges. While you work with students to solve real-world issues, you may discover your next great hire.

Shape the future of industry.

Gain advanced understanding of the latest business challenges and opportunities, and help lead the next wave of change. Engage in intellectual dialogue with leading experts and Cornell students and faculty at SC Johnson special events, or join the advisory board of one of our many industry-focused centers and institutes.

Advance your talent.

With continuing education and professional development through the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, your employees will experience diverse and rigorous learning opportunities. They will grow into more versatile, forward-thinking professionals with the ability to expertly apply their new knowledge and skills to your organization’s goals.

Community, Nonprofits, and Local Government

Be a Partner.

Discover a powerful resource of volunteers, interns, and advisers who will help your organization move forward and make an impact. We are committed to serving our community and making a positive difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Learn Something New.

Become part of our learning community. Attend a public lecture or event to gain insight on late-breaking business topics and meet students and faculty—or create a custom event with us to bring new knowledge into your local organization.

Programs and Partnerships with Universities Globally

Educate and Innovate Together.

Partner with Cornell SC Johnson to create dual-degree, executive education, non-degree, and student and faculty exchange programs, coordinate joint events and study tours, or work with our world-class faculty on groundbreaking research. Gain international perspective and collaborate to solve global business challenges.