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At the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, our commitment to immersive, community-centered learning and impactful research resonates throughout our programs, projects, partnerships, and collaborations. We empower our students to become principled leaders and innovative thinkers, equipped with the confidence and experience to create lasting and positive change.

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“The world is changing at an ever-accelerating pace, delivering unprecedented societal challenges. Business education must not only address those emerging challenges, but must do so considering the impact on people and the planet at the forefront.”

Andrew Karolyi, Charles Field Knight Dean, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business


One College, Three Impactful Schools

Each of our iconic professional schools places impact at the center of its purpose.

The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

“Turn Ambition Into Impact.”

The Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration

The Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration

“Life Is Service.”

JCB 20190827 Hotel Transfer Students

Engaged College Initiative

Through the Engaged College Initiative, the SC Johnson College has intensified its commitment to immersive, community-engaged and experiential learning with a broad range of partners.

Learn More About Our Engaged Learning Initiative

Freedom of Expression and the Marketplace of Ideas

Cornell President Martha Pollack has declared “Freedom of Expression” to be this year’s university theme. The SC Johnson College of Business supports this important theme with a yearlong program dedicated to The Marketplace of Ideas: The Value of Free Exchange.

Business and the world at large need good ideas, active debate, and civil exchange. These are necessary to pursue innovation and shared prosperity. We can all develop and model these skills in our work.

Research with Impact

Impactful research responsibly connects business scholarship, education, and social purpose.

A young child in a field holding fresh carrots

Farm-to-School Food Program a Net Positive, Study Finds

Farm-to-school programs, which bring healthy foods to children and support rural economic development, actually work from an economic perspective in at least one upstate New York school district, according to new Cornell research.

Man with growing schedule rising on step of ladder, stages of successful business project.

Maximize Achievement and Persistence by Aligning Rewards to Recognize Milestones

Individuals are more likely to persist if they receive their first reward after completing a chunk of a task followed by a stream of small incentives.

Surreal painting of the back of a man standing at the threshold of a huge doorway or opening shaped like the outline of a head, looking out on a green, pastoral landscape, implying a sustainable future.

New Research Theme to Solidify SC Johnson College as a Leader in Sustainability

The Business of Sustainability research theme will facilitate collaboration, program coordination, and curriculum across the college’s three schools.

Faculty Expertise in Industry and Policy

Our faculty are cited in over 15k media stories annually.

Nine of our faculty advise civic commissions and councils.

Our faculty hold 89 seats on corporate and nonprofit boards.

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Interdisciplinary Themes

Interdisciplinary themes connect our faculty and inspire research collaboration to address topical challenges facing society, locally and globally.

Explore Our Interdisciplinary Themes

Industry Expertise

Nearly two dozen SC Johnson College centers, institutes, and program initiatives (C&Is) provide organizational infrastructure for impactful engagement between academia, industry, and society. C&Is events range from by-invitation advisory boards and roundtables to large, open conferences bringing scholars and decision makers together facing real world challenges. 

Explore SC Johnson College Centers & institutes 

Industry Expertise on Campus


industry leaders and speakers share their expertise annually.


executives serve as members of our invitation-only C&I advisory boards.

In New York State

Cornell is New York State’s Land Grant University. This mission keeps us forever engaged across New York State, through special programs, grant-funded projects, and student service.

NYS Impact by the Numbers

  • 57 Speakers from NYS – HQ’d companies
  • $25M Grant-funded projects serving NYS
  • 40 NYS-based classroom projects
  • 13K Alumni working in NYS

Selected Impact Collaborations

We take our land grant mission across the globe, encouraging collaboration and entrepreneurship that creates sustainable, shared prosperity.

VinUniversity Project

This six-year initiative engages our college’s expertise to establish the first private, not-for-profit Vietnamese university based on international standards.

Explore cornell-vinuni

Soft Landing NY

This federally-funded collaboration of the SC Johnson College and Binghamton University helps foreign startups and scale-ups locate their operations in the Southern Tier region of New York State.

more about Soft Landing NY

Cornell Hanga Ahazaza

Our college works with this consortium of education, development, and private sector partners to support small business and entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

Learn about Cornell-Hanga Ahazaza

Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability

51 members of the SC Johnson College faculty serve as Atkinson Faculty Fellows.

SC Johnson Atkinson Fellows

Center for Regional Economic Advancement

CREA supports economic growth through entrepreneurship and innovation, and SC Johnson College faculty provide coaching and leadership expertise for CREA’s work.

Explore CREA

Entrepreneurship at Cornell

EaC finds and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit from every college, every field, and in every stage of life. SC Johnson College faculty member Matthew Marx serves as Faculty Director.

Learn about EaC

In the Global Business Education Community

We maintain active relationships within the network of global business education organizations, always focused on making and supporting positive societal impact.

A4S works with finance leaders to drive the fundamental shift toward resilient business models and a sustainable economy. College dean Andrew Karolyi serves on the A4S advisory board.

Explore A4S

We are accredited by AACSB International. AACSB’s new accreditation standards for business schools specifically focus on societal impact.

More About AACSB

We represent North America in the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education. This coalition of 30+ business schools and universities works with multinational partners to support intercultural collaboration and prosperity.

Learn About CEMS

We are a member school of the GBSN global network. In addition to addressing local problems through education and training,  SC Johnson College faculty participate in GBSN panels and activities.

Explore GBSN

Our college is an official Non-Business Participant in the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. The academic work of the UN Global Compact is aligned through Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) as seen below.

Learn about UNGC

The SC Johnson College of Business, under the umbrella of Cornell University, is an active member of this coalition. UIDP seeks to address issues impacting academic-corporate collaboration to find better ways to partner.

More about UIDP

We are among the 800+ signatories worldwide using PRME’s six principles to balance economic and sustainability goals in our education.

SC Johnson College dean Andrew Karolyi serves as PRME’s Global Vice-Chair.

Learn more about PRME

Opportunities for All

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business prepares people from everywhere to lead anywhere.

The Johnson School joined The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management in 2009 and continues to support its mission of enhancing and expanding the talent pool in global business education and leadership.

Explore Consortium at Johnson

The SC Johnson College of Business works with Forté to leverage our storied Johnson MBA’s strength to deliver a robust, thoughtfully designed curriculum tailored to individual interests, strengths, needs, and ambitions.

More about Forté

The PhD Project was founded in 1994 with the goal of gathering top candidates from across the disciplines.

Learn about PhD Project

Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers works to expand the talent pool in the quantitative sciences. The Johnson School has been a member since PreDoc’s inception.

More about predoc

International Collaborations

Our degree program portfolio includes five international collaborations across our three schools, educating intercultural leaders.

The Cornell-CEMS Master of International Management (MIM) brings our Master’s in Applied Economics and Management into partnership with a global alliance of leading business schools.

Explore Cornell-CEMS

This unique collaborative degree opportunity allows students to earn an MBA from Kyoto University Graduate School of Management and an MMH from Cornell in four semesters over two years.

More about Cornell-Kyoto

Students earn both their MMH and MBA in this part-time, bilingual international program for working professionals in China.

Explore Cornell-Peking MMH/MBA

Cornell’s Executive MBA Americas Program is a partnership with Queen’s University created expressly for working professionals serious about advancing to the highest levels of leadership.

Explore Cornell-Queens MBA Americas

The Cornell-Tsinghua Finance MBA is a part-time international program based in Beijing. Graduates earn two MBA degrees, one from Cornell University and one from the PBC School of Finance (PBCSF) at Tsinghua University.

More About Cornell-Tsinghua

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If you have questions about societal impact, please contact the Office of External Relations and Engagement or Linda Barrington, Associate Dean for Strategy and Societal Impact.