New York State Impact

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business is proud to support Cornell’s Land Grant mission for New York State, advancing the lives and livelihoods of the state’s citizens through teaching, research, special programs, and public service. This mission’s ideals were considered revolutionary when the federal Morrill Land Grant Acts were enacted in 1862 and 1890: that a land-grant university education should be open to all qualified students, regardless of class, ethnicity, race, or gender, and must merge practical scientific and technical education with classical studies in the humanities.

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A person reaches for a package of frozen meat at the farmers market.

Scanner data can help NYS farmers boost market sales

Researchers partnered with NYS livestock farmers using point-of-sale technology, then analyzed their market transactions and uncovered insights that could increase farmers' profits.

A young child in a field holding fresh carrots

Farm-to-School Food Program a Net Positive, Study Finds

Farm-to-school programs, which bring healthy foods to children and support rural economic development, actually work from an economic perspective in at least one upstate New York school district, according to new Cornell research.

A young man and older woman looking at a new heat pump installed next to a house, with the house porch and railing in the background.

Undergrad Helps Ithaca Landlords, Tenants Switch to Clean Energy

Kristinko Mato ’24 is working to install efficient heat pumps in units rented by low- and moderate-income tenants, reducing costs and emissions.

photo of a young man on a ladder painting a house.

Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic Helps Farmworkers Access Tax Justice

A partnership between the Law School and the Dyson School, the practicum helps undocumented workers and others resolve their tax complications.

Evening photo of Lake George and buildings on the waterfront with blue sky and a few high clouds in the background.

Small Hotels in Lake George Flourish with Novel Hybrid Approach

Advertising on Airbnb as well as traditional hotel channels creates a new path to year-round rental success for small hotels in Lake George, NY.

Four students and the owner of Treleaven winery stand in front of wooden wine barrels.

Students hope to help NYS wine industry reuse bottles

Students at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business are working on a solution to a significant sustainability problem facing New York state’s wine industry: how to reuse the bottles.

New York State Impact by the Numbers

  • 57 Speakers from NYS-HQ’d companies
  • $25M Grant-funded projects serving NYS
  • 40 NYS-based classroom projects
  • 13K Alumni working in NYS