Operations, Technology, and Information Management

Operations, technology, and information management (OTIM) contains faculty members with a diverse set of research and teaching interests. As the name suggests, the area contains people with interests in production and service operations and technology and information management. However, the area is broader than the name suggests, containing people in the hospitality-based domains of food and beverage management and properties development and management. The faculty members teach undergraduate and graduate required and elective classes, as well as executive education classes, using a variety of pedagogies. Many OTIM faculty members also maintain active industry outreach agendas.

OTIM faculty members conduct research on a wide variety of topics, including behavioral and operations management; data analytics; decision analysis; decision support systems; decision-making; demand forecasting; electronic commerce; franchising; hospitality and healthcare interface; inventory management and logistics; operations and marketing interface; optimization; pricing and revenue management; production and service scheduling; quality and process improvement methods; restaurant management; retail operations management; service innovation; simulation; statistics; supply chain management; sustainability; and technology-based service innovations. Collectively their work appears regularly in top discipline publication outlets.

Emeriti and Affiliated

Operations, Technology, and Information Management Publications